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  1. Uber1337

    Maxi General Discussion "The Dandy of the Seas

    I think his WS game is still pretty good. He lost godlike WS B+K that u could just throw out randomly for big damage, but he still has godlike 6a+b and cr 3a+b. I didnt get to play as much as I would have liked, but overall my impression was good. He has most of the tools that made him really...
  2. Uber1337

    Dampierre Theater! - Video Discussion Thread

    Heres a video I made showing the input for B!E!. Sorry for the bad video quality, I made it with my phone
  3. Uber1337

    Dampierre Q&A / General Discussion

    3K is decent move, but I just dont see where it fits in. its too slow for its range. Punishing with it is pointless at i18, as is poking.
  4. Uber1337

    Dampierre Punishment "Now's My Chance!" (W.I.P)

    I dont really trust 623B tc frames as a high counter, and 11B is too slow. I guess I should clarify where 44B would fit in. Against reactable highs: things like Xiba 3BKK, Apat 22BA, etc. I think most people in these situations would just duck and WS K combo. 44K BE can used instead here...
  5. Uber1337

    Dampierre Punishment "Now's My Chance!" (W.I.P)

    im wondering why this thread makes no mention of 44K BE. I recently started using this move, and ive found it to be his best TC punisher. Its TC frames are very good and it does at least 63 damage and as much as 90ish. Even outside punishment, ive started warming up to 44K. Its mostly safe...
  6. Uber1337

    Dampierre Q&A / General Discussion

    Video should be around by next week most likely. Im already at around 30% success with no mashing (exactly 8 presses). The last kick seems to be the hardest to time. It has a different rhythm then the other Ks. My timing on 7 kicks is nearly 100%
  7. Uber1337

    Dampierre Q&A / General Discussion

    After a few hours of practice, ive actually figured out the timing for B!E!. Its actually pretty similar to the timing on Maxi's B+KBBBA JF. A quick double tap of K initially, then 3 Ks at the same rate as Maxi's Bs, and then three quick Ks. Not sure if anyone cares at this point, but maybe...
  8. Uber1337

    Dampierre Q&A / General Discussion

    Hey guys. I want to step up my damp game, but I to do that, I need more consistency with his Bravo Encore! JF. I find mashing the move only works for me about 30% of the time. Does anyone have the actual timing down for this move? If so, could someone make a video showing the timing? If...
  9. Uber1337

    Namco-Bandai Announces Soulcalibur II HD Online!

    God, are we doing this again? This game got so lame towards the end of its lifespan. If they are gonna re-release this, they should at least fix the 2G glitch.
  10. Uber1337

    Patroklos A+B Glitch (SCV v1.03)

    Hey drake. So i finally got around to playing with this. Its not even hard to do. And the damage is just so high. I think im gonna have to pick up patrokolos, this is just to stupid to pass up. 1/2 life no meter for predicting a mid, lolz. Just retarded.
  11. Uber1337

    Maxi General Q&A

    Yeah, will i never really thought maxi fit his play style to begin with. He relies on great spacing and defense to win, Maxi doesn't really have the tools for that. His spacing game is pretty terrible. If you can use b+k JF, his whiff punishing becomes a bit better, but its still not his...
  12. Uber1337

    Maxi General Q&A

    I dont really think maxi is all that unsafe. His main issue is his lack of range. This is a problem against some characters, but you can work around that. I think he definitely has some bad matchups, but none are that lopsided. I think he's definitely underrated. You know SU actually wanted...
  13. Uber1337

    Maxi General Q&A

    Yup. Ws a is a solid move
  14. Uber1337

    Patroklos A+B Glitch (SCV v1.03)

    This sounds pretty game breaking for an already good character. Makes me sad. If this doesn't get patched it could kill an already weak tournament scene.
  15. Uber1337

    Maxi Match-up Discussion

    Sound like you got the idea right with Pat. Space his poke game, step 66b. I find B+K very useful in this matchup for backstep punishing pokes. I don't think he's especially annoying for maxi, just annoying in general
  16. Uber1337

    Maxi General Q&A

    Lol. Mitsu actually doesn't scare me so much anymore, only your Mitsu does. A good poke game and some smart stepping can keep him somrwhat in check. Im starting to think the Cervy matchup is the worst for Maxi. Stupid aB. @HRD: I think you need to work more on your poke game. Watch...
  17. Uber1337

    Post EVO Maxi

    I think maxi is still very good, but it might be tough to win something like EVO all by himself. He's got a few bad match-ups against some very strong and popular characters. That being said, I don't think he has any unwinnable matchups, so you always have a chance. Still, my experience has...
  18. Uber1337

    Rise of Leixia!

    I like how everyone acts like they knew all along that tira was good now. The general thought was that she was low tier before EVO. There are some like myself that thought she was still pretty decent, but almost no one in America would have called her a good character. Leixa can...
  19. Uber1337

    Evolution representation

    Im on PSN so no online. Online sucks anyways so meh. Don't forget about Raphire in your pool. He's supposed to be really good. Also I hear Rayikin is pretty decent. Good luck to you. Let's rep that maxi.
  20. Uber1337

    [Northern California] Norcal Crab Shack

    My place is really small, but if you cant find another spot, you can crash at my place. I wouldn't be home until 9:30 or so on Tuesday night though. I live in SF 15 minute walk from BART