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  1. InfestedLoli

    Need advice for the upcoming Presidential Election.

    I need some help figuring out who to vote for because Obama smoked pot and Romney is a retard. Any assistance is appreciated.
  2. InfestedLoli

    Someone please write a fanfic about the greatest couple ever...

    Lightning x Hilde I would write one myself but I am not creative at all and it would suck and such an amazing couple needs to be properly portrayed by a seasoned fan fiction author.
  3. InfestedLoli

    Dating a 14 yr old woman need advice

    I've met this lady recently and from the moment i seen her i was hooked. I had no idea she was 14 till i asked her she looks so dam good like in her 20's wit a 24 yr old mom. I have no idea how to approach younger women i really lucked up one night we were alone at work just talking in general...
  4. InfestedLoli

    My cats breath smells like cat food part 2

    OH NO WHAT R U GONNA DO NOW!!! Dumb ass
  5. InfestedLoli

    My cats breath smells like cat food

    Fuck you Archangel
  6. InfestedLoli

    Dont you hate it when..

    You're tired so you go and take a nap but then when you wake up you're actually more tired than you were when you went to take the nap in the first place it really annoys me greatly
  7. InfestedLoli

    This is a kitty

    Kitty is sadz :(
  8. InfestedLoli

    Lunch time

    I was hungry so I decided to have lunch. I went to an all you can eat wing place. This is what I had. It was good.
  9. InfestedLoli

    What should I eat for dinner tonight

    What should I eat for dinner tonight? I can't decide
  10. InfestedLoli

    who the fuck keeps deleting worker-bakery's threads?

    Seriously what the fuck is so bad about them? With the amount of shit on this site and you choose to delete their posts?
  11. InfestedLoli

    White Knight Chronicles

    Didn't see a thread on this so figure I'd make it, especially since we can then get together and do missions etc to help each other raise in guild rank! Also I <3 Kara :p
  12. InfestedLoli

    Bubbles go to NEC

    Go beast everyone in melty pantsu
  13. InfestedLoli

    Free the elves!

    Stop the racism against elves! One day I hope we can live in a world where humans and elves can live in peace and not be banned from tournament play!
  14. InfestedLoli

    Error logging on javachat...

    Getting a user name / password invalid error when I try to log in but obviously my user name password works if i am logged into the site.
  15. InfestedLoli

    I wanna be the guy

    Recently started my quest to become the guy, I am almost done just have to beat bowser then the guy. Just curious if anyone else on forum is the guy or in the process of trying to become the guy like me? We could share our war stories :)
  16. InfestedLoli

    Amy's Just Frame moves...

    Can someone help me out with which moves of hers are Just Frame moves?
  17. InfestedLoli

    Things for a total SC noob to practice to become good?

    Just was hoping to get some help on skill or techniques that someone completely new to SC to practice in order to start trying to train to become a competent competitive player!