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  1. shadowfang89

    Natsu's top 10 moves

    A:6 AA 66B/66B4 66AB/66AB4 PO BE A+B 22/88 B 22/88 A 1K(its not a good move, but it is a useful tool for pretty much everyone lol) KK/KKK/KK1K(I think these moves are really underrated, they only hit high, which sucks, but they come out quite quickly and get some nice damage in here and there...
  2. shadowfang89

    C2B -> G

    So I've been practicing some Hilde of late, and i was wondering what the fastest way to get your character to turn around during her combos in... For instance say your looping the C2B G C2B... Should i just release B Hold B+G until i turn around then release G then B... or should i actually...
  3. shadowfang89

    Ivy Patch Notes 1.02 & 1.03 Discussion

    I had forgotten about Tira... I ammend my original statement, Natsu was nerfed harder then Maxi... My bad xD
  4. shadowfang89

    Ivy Patch Notes 1.02 & 1.03 Discussion

    Maxi took some damage nerfs and the properties on a couple moves changed... a little.... Dont get me wrong, he got hit hard, but natsu lost the ability to mix up her oki game, now you just stay down and nothing bad will happen to you.. Conclusion: Natsu lost one of her most important...
  5. shadowfang89

    Just saw the March 21st patch notes....:(

    Not saying Leixia wasnt overnerfed, she was... but anyone who thinks Leixia was a bad character or a low mid tier character really hasn't been paying attention, maybe she wouldve dropped to high mid given time... but she was overplayed(almost as much as xiba and natsu) and it was because she was...
  6. shadowfang89

    New Natsu Just Frame Discovery?

    It could be a glitch... I'll try it out later tonight in training mode... and let you know if i notice a difference.. :)
  7. shadowfang89

    New Natsu Just Frame Discovery?

    It just doesn't make sense that it would be a just frame... but that the devs wouldn't have included it in the move list or in the guide.... kinda not how Soul Calibur works... plus the animation for just frames and for clean hits is different and its just clean hitting... Maybe you just got...
  8. shadowfang89

    New Natsu Just Frame Discovery?

    Im pretty sure the move is just clean hitting, 66B has a percentage chance to clean hit... Are you consistent at making it "just frame" every time you input.. or are you still trying to figure out the timing... if your still not getting the clean hit every time... its prolly cause it isnt a just...
  9. shadowfang89

    Tier Discussion

    Don't get me wrong... Natsu is def. way strong... but she only has a few options that lead to half health... and most of them you can react too. If you get hit by 4A+B or 2A+B you kinda deserve it... and other then that she has to get a counterhit off of a handful of unsafe moves to deal that...