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  1. ColinReys

    Amy mix up

    Hi Guys ! Can you show to us our mix-ip with Amy ? Or moves to driving crazy the opponent you faced ? It could be interesting for Amy's newcomer ! Thanks
  2. ColinReys

    "So predictable" Amy punishment guide RELOADED

    :sc4amy1:12.04.21 UPDATE!:sc4amy1: Reworking on this guide with the new patch ! I still have a lot of work to do for it... Yoshimitsu, Amy and 2B added ...
  3. ColinReys

    Amy Gameplay

    Hi, i'm still new with Amy, and I want to see good player point of view of how they play Amy. Are you using her as a punisher ? A poke character ? Mix up character ? Other way ? I don't know how role to give her when playing.... I don't play to SCIV so... Can you help ? Thank you, i'm a little...
  4. ColinReys

    Roses perception combos

    Hi Here are some combos to max Roses Perception : - Red Roses 3B 666BB 3bA 6[B+K] 1B 6[B+K] 22_88B 666BA 8B+K B (or K) 6[B+K] 4B (in some situations : tech trap, juggle...) - White Roses B+K K 6AB 22_88B 6AB Do you have some another White Roses setup ? They are harder to stack than Red...
  5. ColinReys

    [Match-Up] Maxi

    Hi everyone, Here is my work for punish Maxi with Amy. Please feel free to correct me if i'm RRPM : Red Rose Perception Max WRPM : White Rose Perception Max 2A+B -> 6CE, CE, WRKA, WR3B, WR3K 33B+K -> 6CE, 6BB, AA 33A+B -> step between hits AAAA -> B+K between 2nd &3rd hit, or crouch 4th BAK...
  6. ColinReys

    [Match-Up] Mitsurugi

    Now, time to punish Mitsurugi ! Legend LH: Lethal Hit CE: Critical Edge Mitsurugi AAA: crouch and WRBB 6AA: Quick attack between hits (AA, 6B8K) 1A: 22_88A (LH) after 1A WRAA: crouch 2nd hit and WRBB or 1B BBB: CE after 2nd hit, 22A (LH, not 88A)/22B (not 88B) bA: 6A/6K 6BB : 6B8Kw 3B...
  7. ColinReys

    [Match-Up] Zasalamel

    Hi, Second test of Match-Up, it's time to punish Zasalamel ! Legend: LH: Lethal Hit CE: Critical Edge Zasalamel AAA: Crouch after 2nd hit, then WRBB, or CE after 2nd hit 6AA: CE after 6A 6AB: CE after 1st hit, ot step 2nd hit, and 22_88A (LH) 3AB: CE after 1st hit/22_88A (LH) 1A: WRBB 44A...
  8. ColinReys

    [Match-Up] Taki

    Hi, Here is my test of Ivy's Match-Up against Taki. Feel free to correct me if there is any mistakes or if you have better punish move ;) Legend : LH: Lethal Hit CE: Critical Edge PO: Possession stance Taki A6: AA/3B/6B8K A6 (JF): AA/6B8K 6AA: CE after 6A, or 4A+B for style (weaker) 1A: WRBB...