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  1. Angel_Armour

    August 13th: Hilde's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday my sweet princess. A glorious day for Wolfkrone this is! Everyone join me in wishing her a great day and making birthday themed creations.
  2. Angel_Armour

    Looking for a Sieg to spar with

    I am a low-mid tier Hilde and I get absolutely torn apart by Siegfrieds, I just have no idea how to handle them, so I need someone from the EU with a good connection to give me first to tens and spar with me on a regular basis, I am fairly competent with Hilde so it would be mutually beneficial...
  3. Angel_Armour

    How do ranked matches work?

    I mean I am C3 atm and i'll get to 3000 points, then i'll get on a 4 win streak and still not encounter a rank up match. Does it have to be someone of equal or higher rank or what and also how many matches do you have to lose to lose points once reaching the max? Also the mechanics are stupid, I...
  4. Angel_Armour

    New Hilde on the block.

    I'm new to fighting games, i've picked up SC5 as my first and have been on it for 3 months so far. I got to say I didn't think fighters could be this fun. Anyway, i'm currently maining Hilde and it's going good but I hardly ever see any other Hildes, let alone any that surpass me in skill (I'm...