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  1. CjHN2

    CjHN2's SoulCalibur VI CAS Thread

    Took me long enough to post this. Sorry to keep you waiting. Me Kris Cedric
  2. CjHN2

    The LunarFate Saga (Utan Enhada vs. Type-Moon)

    I started this saga back in 2010 when Avatar came out in theaters. I was able to complete the four sagas in 2017, starting with LunarFate Zero: The Adventures of Utan, LunarFate: The World's Wrath, LunarFate 2: The Night of Warakia and LunarFate 3: The Scarred Stars. The main character is Utan...
  3. CjHN2


    I will adding some pics of some notable characters that i've made originally on here in a couple of days - - - since I've broken my damned controller again.