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  1. devildigimon

    Raphael Combos/LH/NC/NCC etc

    66a+b > 3b ~ prep > prep kkb works every time. They cant air control after prep k hits. And prep k will hit, because prep will move you forward enough every time. Nevermind, its not super guaranteed if opponent AC back-right. :( it is a cool combo, if they dont lol
  2. devildigimon

    Seong Mi-na Trailer Analysis/Video Thread

    She has a new stance which is built in her retreat attacks. She has a new command throw that has guaranteed follow ups. I dont like that 1kk now has to be done while crouching. Huge nerf imo. She lost 33kb smh :( Oh and she definitely DOESNT have sc2 6a+k or even sc2 6bb anymore lol. Big...
  3. devildigimon

    Raphael Movelist

    Idgaf what ANYONE says. This is the coolest Raph has EVER been!!! 😍😍😍 He is 100 times better now, than that abomination of a character in SCV lmfao. I hope u folks are ready to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT. 🤓👌💯
  4. devildigimon

    Team Mighty Chicago - TMCHI

    Lmfao zach whats up man. Its webster! Team might chi. Havent heard that in ages. It died so many years ago. That era of soul calibur was legendary. It can never...or will replaced.
  5. devildigimon

    Poll : Your opinion about RE mechanic

    I edited my post above. Check the update.
  6. devildigimon

    Poll : Your opinion about RE mechanic

    If soul calibur 6 meter system was up to me: Reversal edge would simply cost you 50% (deflect 1 hit) or a full bar of meter (deflect multiple hits). It WOULD NEVER give you meter AT ALL. Guard break attacks cost 25% meter. You want to have frame advantage or disrupt a Reversal Edge, well its...
  7. devildigimon

    SOULCALIBUR 6: WishList Thread

    Digi's wish list: A mode similiar to tekken 7s tekken tunes. Where u can put any and all the music from the soul blade/calibur series on any stage u want. And also on game menus and during museum and character creation modes. I know sc4 and sc5 had dlc music you could get and put on some...
  8. devildigimon

    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    First off, thank you for all the info youve provided thus far. Im curious to know about the potential move sets/command list for all the characters that may be appearing in scvi. Do you have any info on how plentiful the command list might be for all the characters? Its confirmed that a+k...
  9. devildigimon

    CES SCVI Thread

    No a+k moves has me very worried. I really DO NOT want scvi to have short movesets for all the characters like in scv. That made the game very stale and boring for me. Is there any way you can check out the move/command list to see how plentiful both characters move sets are? Especially for...
  10. devildigimon

    Soulcalibur II HD Online Gets Patched!

    I absolutely cannot believe this happened. Coolest thing Namco has done all year. This is very promising. :D Now to test and see what's up. Hopefully everyone spreads the word.
  11. devildigimon

    SC2HD Patch Wishlist

    patch: - ranking matches become 3/5 rounds, instead of 2/3 rounds - allow for immediate rematch option, after a match in player match - create and show connection speed notification bars. visible at the character select screen and up until the match is over - fix overall netcode - fix natural...
  12. devildigimon

    Soul Calibur 2 HD Wishlist

    Don't care. I want my step killing moves to work. I don't wanna be bored with a super defensive 3d fighting game. I'm NOT saying they should remove step guard and NOT adjust certain move properties. But I AM saying, THAT STEP GUARD NEEDS TO GO!
  13. devildigimon

    Soul Calibur 2 HD Wishlist

    remove step guard and game instantly becomes the greatest fighting game EVER MADE DLC stages and costumes would be nice too :) #unlesswegotaconsoleportofSC3ArcadeEdition:3
  14. devildigimon

    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    New Trailer: Game looks like absolute trash -__- Best thing about this garbage is the "if there were any other way" theme from SC2. Fuck yo Sophie, ugly ass new Nightmare design, and filthy ass custom using Nightmare's moves
  15. devildigimon

    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    And who are you again? :/ I don't have "stupid" reason for NOT liking SCV and being absolutely leery towards SC Lost Swords. I don't give a shit about the casual community. Quality > Quantity in my book. I want a good quality Soul Calibur fighting game. SCV is slacking in numerous ways. And I...
  16. devildigimon

    Namco-Bandai Announces Soulcalibur II HD Online!

    The later the better! I want them to also take their time with developing this game. And any more time, for the chance of 2G to get TAKEN OUT of the game, is enough time indeed. ^__^ And I seriously hope we don't have another TTT (one) HD on our hands, where they fucked up all the hit...
  17. devildigimon

    Lost Swords

    This is probably the greatest news since SCIII announcement. Finally a real calibur game. Soul charge is back. Guard Breaks that MATTER. Jump delay moves. Fleshed out move sets. Tons of great characters. AND ALL THIS WITH ONLINE PLAY!!! And in HD. OMFG...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! All you new...
  18. devildigimon

    Lost Swords

    Lost Swords? Meh. If that game doesn't have SCIII's speed & system mechanics (minus VC), and SCIV's fleshed out move set, and SCV's step killing moves (why would anyone encourage moves to be worthless just so you can play overly defensive smh?)...I won't be supporting it.