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  1. Ceirnian

    Patch changes V1.10

    Here is a list of stuff so far, there should be more but NEC top 8 started. 6AA +0 on block, still jails 1A is -12 on block now. 6B does not pushback at all on block or hit. FC 1B doesn't track at all anymore 66A+B is now -12 on block (AA punishable by most characters) SC 66A+B can only be done...
  2. Ceirnian

    Looking for someone living in korea

    I've run out of options so I figured I would post on 8wayrun hoping someone can help. I'm trying to make 2 Korean nexon accounts so that a friend and I can play Dungeon&Fighter. The american version closed down due to Nexon NA handling it terribly and we really miss the pvp/gameplay. The...
  3. Ceirnian

    Selling XBL SC5 Knight DLC and Mitsurugi Bobble Head

    The DLC code is for the White and Dark Knight costumes that came with the collectors edition of SC5 for Xbox. The Mitsurugi bobble head is an item that has only been handed out by Namco at special events. Will sell them for $20 each or if you buy both I will sell for $35. Easiest way to get a...
  4. Ceirnian

    Hilde: Video / Feedback Thread

    Post up what you find
  5. Ceirnian

    Hilde Combo discussion

    Post up what you find here, I don't have the game but from the times I have played I've found the following. c2a 1kk 22b c2b g c3a 22b CE [a+b] c2b c3a [a+b] CE 66b 66k 66b BE c2b g c3a (saw computer do this combo in old build, timing might strict not sure) 66b BE 66A+B c1a !W c3bba A+G BE CE...
  6. Ceirnian

    Hilde non-gameplay/story speculation thread

    This thread is for all the people who want to start talking about things other than gameplay. Feel free to discuss whatever floats your boat, just keep it civil.
  7. Ceirnian

    Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread

    Now open!
  8. Ceirnian

    Hilde Frame Data Discussion

    Template done here This is straight from the guide - Updating bit by bit - Runis
  9. Ceirnian

    Hilde: Tech Traps

    Ok, So Hilde is one of the 'MOST' dangerous characters to tech against. The reason for this is because any situation that leads into a tech trap, will also lead into her CE which will hit for 95 damage and catches every side. Since most of her tech trap situations are mostly 90'ish damage...
  10. Ceirnian

    Hilde: Combo Listing

    :sc5sc:NATURAL COMBOS:sc5se: AA: 24 6AKA: 38 3[A]: 32 22_88AA: 38 BB: 30 6BB: 28 3BA: 34 3BB: 28 22_88B: 50 A+B: 25 C3A: 48 C2B: 38 C3BA: 60
  11. Ceirnian

    Hilde: Forum Directory

    Welcome to the Hilde Soul Arena! Here you will be able to find all of the collected info on this character and discuss strategy, go over match videos or learn about some of her tricks. Here are the links to all of the information/strategy threads in this SA: Combos Ring Outs Tech Traps...
  12. Ceirnian

    Suggestions for Hilde sub-forum organization

    Seems I have mod powers over this place for now so I may as well start putting some effort into getting it set up for release. Feel free to post any suggestions on how to make this a better sub-forum.
  13. Ceirnian

    Hilde pre-release discussion and video thread

    I'll make this quick and dirty. Here is a list of things I found. Added in my own thoughts so I have a place to reference for later purposes. Keep in mind that I am guessing since I do not for sure know the notations. Taken from this video. 38:20- Hilde...
  14. Ceirnian

    Tekken 6 at Amazon for $45!

    Right now Tekken 6 is going for $49.99 on You can get an additional $5 off if you use the code 5TEKKEN6, which takes the price down to 44.99 with free shipping of course if you choose super saver shipping. If you choose release-date delivery you will be charged 5.98 and they...
  15. Ceirnian

    Last day for Evo signups!! (July 12th)

    For everyone that hasn't signed up yet today is your last day. You MUST sign up online and there will be no way to join a tournament past this date. Yes, this means no signups at the event itself. Please remind as many people as you can who have been procrastinating to sign up! Post from...
  16. Ceirnian

    Happy Birthday Kayane!

  17. Ceirnian

    WOW Burning Crusade Collectors (sealed)

    Anyone interested in this? I've had it for a long time and I just remembered about it. Can PM me offers / questions or post up in this thread. Want to keep the opening post simple to gauge interest from you wow players.
  18. Ceirnian

    Norcal Regionals 2/7/09 videos

    Took quite awhile to get the videos up, but I'm in the process of uploading them now. Some are up with more on the way. Like I said in the aftermath thread, if anyone wants their videos up that I didn't post please pm me some info on your name / characters you used / opponents name if possible...
  19. Ceirnian

    Astaroth only extra C2BB Pickup

    Forgot to post this when I found it, so I just copy / pasted it from the tier list thread where I remembered to mention it. One thing I did find out about Astaroth is that you can get an extra C2BB after you end with a C2AA that pushes him abit further out even if he doesn't tech. For...
  20. Ceirnian

    SC4 at Evo (Official!) Many thanks to Mr.Wizard for giving Soul Calibur another chance to shine at Evolution! Look forward to seeing the international community come down for this! [edit] Can a mod fix my thread title typo? I apparently was excited to the point making such an obvious error...