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  1. The-Instigator

    Weird Critical Finish glitch?

    Believe me or not, but here's what happened: I was testing out a new Sophitia CAS and was playing as Rock. On the 2nd round, I critical finished my CAS and during Rock's victory pose, the fore-mentioned CAS proceeds to crab walk towards Rock from the bottom left side of the screen, glitches...
  2. The-Instigator

    If you could be any element, what would it be?

    Pretty much self-explanatory. Mine would be arsenic because it is deadly to all (inb4terrorism) XP.
  3. The-Instigator

    Favorite BioShock moment?

    Mine would have to go to Sander Cohen's audio log "The Wild Bunny" What are yours? P.S. If this topic was mentioned before, you can flame me with open enthusiasm XD.
  4. The-Instigator

    History of 4/20

    Just curious, what is the history behind this date and why did it involve marijuana? Note that this is NOT a joke topic... I really don't know the history behind this date and I'm too much of a sloth to find out XD.
  5. The-Instigator

    Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising?

    Just got my first 360 (very late and proud of it) and I'm an avid zombie horror action fan... which of these two games should I get (I currently have a budget to only get one game)? Biased and/or impartial comments are welcome XP.
  6. The-Instigator

    Most interesting characters?

    Which characters, if any, would you like to have a conversation with and why? My pick would have to go to Yoshi, since I always wondered how many philosophical statements he can make about fighting and the world around me... plus I would like to know how he can still seppuku himself and still...