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  1. qDisturbance

    CaS of a Fan

    I spent a lot of time (still do) Creating souls, it's one thing i do more than fighting in this game, because it's awesomely addictive and i like to surprise other players and distract them with good Creation :P here's some of my best, Enjoy... Mikasa (Attack on Titans): Kain Highwind...
  2. qDisturbance

    Hilde: One Hit Kill

    So.... i Uploaded some gameplay. Check out the whole playlist if you're interested, Feedback and tips are welcome. Hilde Rulez!
  3. qDisturbance

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm glad to have been allowed to join this community, i've liked this game sense Soul Edge on the PS1 but i jumped the series to SCIV and now i just picked up SCV, i'm in love with Hilde <3 but i have no idea how did the story turned so much, any good place i can get a good picture at what happened?