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  1. Impending_Doom66

    Diving accident Anyone else seen this diving accident? Be warned, it's extremely graphic.
  2. Impending_Doom66

    How many people on this site have gotten the ylod on their ps3?

    I'm just curious how many 8wayrunners have gotten the ylod. I know several people on my friends list got it around a week before my ps3 died too.I don't don't know if it's being blown out of proportion, but the number of ps3s getting the ylod seems to be growing exponentially. I'm sure going to...
  3. Impending_Doom66

    This is what happens when politics meet education. My mouth dropped at some of the stuff I read, and they even blatantly admit it is because schools are apparently skewed to far to the left.
  4. Impending_Doom66

    8.8-magnitude earthquake hits Chile

    Apparently all of the pacific is under a tsunami warning too.
  5. Impending_Doom66

    Is this site slow?

    For the last few days this site has been incredibly slow. Am I the only person experiencing this? I feel like I'm playing online.
  6. Impending_Doom66

    Win a million dollars in MLB2K10

    Has anyone seen this? If you are the first person to pitch a perfect game before May then you will win 1 million dollars. Of course that's a next to impossible feat, but it's still an interesting way to hype your game.
  7. Impending_Doom66

    ToysRUs B2G1 Sale

    From 10/11 to 10/17 TRU is having a buy 2 get 1 sale. Have at thee.
  8. Impending_Doom66

    Survivor Samoa

    Any other people watching?
  9. Impending_Doom66

    Mirror's Edge

    Makes me rage.
  10. Impending_Doom66

    The Most Hated Family In America

    These people are insane. In case anyone hasn't heard about them, they are the wackos that go to soldier's funerals, and say god hates them, etc., etc..
  11. Impending_Doom66 WTF?!?

    What is the point of this website? Or better yet where is going? I saw the shit storm on dustloop about this where it seemed like the only supporters were 8way members and some other very adamant guy. So I'm just curious of what the goal is of this site. Dustloop has strats, match making...
  12. Impending_Doom66

    RE5 Playstation Demo

    It will be out on PSN this Monday Feb. 2nd. YAY =]
  13. Impending_Doom66

    Blackout In Hawaii

    I heard the whole island of Oahu is without power. This fucking sucks.
  14. Impending_Doom66

    Really good deals

    First I don't know if this is only in Hawaii or only on the 24th but..... I just went to blockbuster and they had abunch of normally 50 or 60+ dollar games for half price. I don't remember many (there were at least 30 different games across Wii, Ps3, and the trash box) but some that stood...
  15. Impending_Doom66

    Do You Believe In The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    With the fun christian game reviews out I just thought I would share one of my favorite websites with everyone. BTW if you are a christian (or any other religion) and find this offensive then bite me, because I don't care. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is real!!!!
  16. Impending_Doom66


    Well Gabon just ended and I was pretty happy with the results. I can't wait for the next season. Best show on TV. Anyone else fans?
  17. Impending_Doom66

    Do you have the Playstation Informative on PSN?

    I'm just curious if I'm the only guy on 8way with ZeRiMaRd on my friends list. He calls himself the Playstation Informative, and sends you all sorts of messages on new games, old games, etc (with pictures :]). He is currently counting down the top ten games of 2008 with number one being revealed...
  18. Impending_Doom66

    Oh no, my opponent is attacking, what do I do?

    Avoid attacks or preempting them should I say are the lifeblood of Soul Calibur. If someone knows and can identify their opponent's moves they can exploit this knowledge by reacting to attacks that would necessitate a block or GI instead with a sidestep, a tech crouch,r a tech jump. Instead of...
  19. Impending_Doom66

    Angol Fear's Top 10 (or that Korean girl)

    Why is there no top 10 for Seong Mi-Na? Here is my top 10 1.66B 2.FC 1B 3.FC 1KK 4.B+K 5.A+B 6.44_66A+B (I know they are different) 7.6BB 8.3B 9.66KKK 10.6B+K Some other moves I find useful 33_99KB, 4A, 1BA or K, 33_99AA, 2A+B, 22_88A, 4KB, BBB Bring on your top 10 people...
  20. Impending_Doom66

    What is your weakness?

    So I thought it would be fun for everyone (especially me >]) to list what they think is their biggest weakness in SC4. I think my biggest weakness is my impatience and recklessness. If both of us back up I usually eat the first attack because I go mad running in circles. Or when I I act like...