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  1. Aanlaien

    You are sent to a far away place but you can take 1 game with you, which one ?

    Lego Star Wars? May I ask why? Don't get me wrong, I love the game.
  2. Aanlaien

    Some hard questions about useless moves

    I can't argue with the numbers. I thought I used it more often, but I took another look and in a serious match it rarely comes to mind.
  3. Aanlaien

    how do you even practice matchups by yourselves?

    I would absolutely love this. Legendary Souls is the best they have, but it has flaws.
  4. Aanlaien

    Some hard questions about useless moves

    I use that move all the time... =( Edited. I suppose I should add as to why I use it. Most horizontals can be ducked. 33A is a mid horizontal that can attack from mid range. People assume Raphael is a high linear character so they usually try to duck or sidestep. This move ensures a connect on...
  5. Aanlaien

    Some hard questions about useless moves

    I probably should have quoted you sooner to get your attention to this thread.
  6. Aanlaien

    Alex J

    Didn't recognize your name. Or picture.
  7. Aanlaien

    Superman vs Goku (Party Wolf Smells)

    I'm not voting. It's a complicated answer. And here it is. Goku started with nothing. Superman was born perfect. Based on their personalities, they wouldn't fight because their goals are the same. If superman or goku were bad, this is how the fight would go... Goku would only die due to...
  8. Aanlaien

    Alex J

    Never met him. I did take the time to read the posts and watch the video. Based on what I've learned, I probably wouldn't like playing games or chatting with him. I believe it's just because of my preferences when looking for friends. Some people like the spicy personality, others don't, which...
  9. Aanlaien

    Some hard questions about useless moves

    Please give me some more information before I answer your question. By useless, do you mean unsafe or a move that seemingly does nothing? You like to play with Raphael as you said in my post earlier. Could you give me an example of one of his trashy moves? After I get the necessary...
  10. Aanlaien

    You are sent to a far away place but you can take 1 game with you, which one ?

    One game with no console wouldn't do me much good. If I was allowed to take my console, I have several games downloaded to it so it would be cheating for the "1 game" rule. In that case, I would take some cards with me. Realism aside, if I had one game and its corresponding console, it would...
  11. Aanlaien

    Raphael Move Nickname Thread

    44A+B - Ultimate Poke/Poke of Doom Preparation - Dance of Death Shadow Evade - Neo
  12. Aanlaien

    Hello RTD. I have seen some of your tournament footage and I am amazed. Mitsurugi is my favorite...

    Hello RTD. I have seen some of your tournament footage and I am amazed. Mitsurugi is my favorite character and I learned a lot just by watching your videos. I see your mottos saying "RIP Soulcalibur. It was fun while it lasted." Is it really over? I admit I showed up late to the party. Are they...
  13. Aanlaien

    Wanting to learn Raph

    I looked further into it and you're right Wuht. Some of these moves can be sidestepped with precise timing. While it is difficult to do, it's not impossible. Preparation can be risky. It's good to know when to stop. The prepB(B)~prepBB that you spoke of can be ducked. The only option as Raph to...
  14. Aanlaien

    Wanting to learn Raph

    I have tried to step left and right on all of Raph's horizontal moves that I have posted earlier from medium range. My theory remains correct. Go to training and try it yourself. I could have added to the 22A/88A that you could also perform 33A/99A which is a mid. What I meant earlier by...
  15. Aanlaien

    Wanting to learn Raph

    I think I should add this video. Raphael vs. Viola. Lower tier character goes up against the highest tier character in a tournament match. This throws tiers out of the window for me, because he was able to keep up with Viola. They both knew what they were doing. Keep your harassment inside...
  16. Aanlaien

    Viola General Discussion / Q&A

    Simply put, I need help to train against Viola. I will admit, I am completely ignorant on how she works. At this point I have given up trying to play against Viola. If someone uses her as a main online, I will pass them until they leave. If I happen to get stuck in a match with Viola, I will...
  17. Aanlaien

    Wanting to learn Raph

    Raph is amazing. I didn't quite understand him at first, but I had a good friend put in perspective how he works, and now he is on par with my skill using my main--Mitsurugi. Firstly, knowing and utilizing Raph's moves are important. The bigger selection of moves you use, the more you're going...
  18. Aanlaien

    Algol help

    Honestly, I don't know much about Algol but he is dangerously powerful when used right. Here are some tricks I picked up that will help. I know this is all general advice, but it's better than nothing. Training will always be your best friend when learning. I would suggest starting there and...
  19. Aanlaien

    New player to SC series

    Welcome to the site. Are you planning to play casually? Enjoy the game. If you want to become a genuinely good player, then you're in for a long journey. Message me and I can get you pointed in the right direction as far as basics to advanced tactics go posted by senior members of the...
  20. Aanlaien

    Dealing with rushing?

    i like your advice. I think I will practice them both and decide later. Whether I am one of the best or not, playing one the hardest characters in the game really makes me feel good about myself. So I will keep him in my training regimen. Thank you.