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  1. ColinReys

    "So predictable" Amy punishment guide RELOADED

    I did Taki few days ago ; i'm currently doing Zasalamel, and i'll add both of them tomorrow. It wasn't at home today, so i can't add it :( But Raphaël & Voldo are missing, so if you want to do some it's ok ! Add your work in a private message and i'll credit you when i update my guide. Thank you :)
  2. ColinReys

    "So predictable" Amy punishment guide RELOADED

    Oh nice - Share it here or in private message _
  3. ColinReys

    "So predictable" Amy punishment guide RELOADED

    You're welcome ! The guide is not finished yet (it takes a loooot of time), but if you have something to add, let me know in private message i'll correct. Thank you n_n
  4. ColinReys

    Amy General Discussion and findings

    After several months on the game, i made an update of my Amy punishment guide, i added 5 characters ! Please look at it !
  5. ColinReys

    Amy mix up

    Hi Guys ! Can you show to us our mix-ip with Amy ? Or moves to driving crazy the opponent you faced ? It could be interesting for Amy's newcomer ! Thanks
  6. ColinReys

    "So predictable" Amy punishment guide RELOADED

    :sc4amy1:12.04.21 UPDATE!:sc4amy1: Reworking on this guide with the new patch ! I still have a lot of work to do for it... Yoshimitsu, Amy and 2B added ...
  7. ColinReys

    Amy General Discussion and findings

    Ok, nice ! I will write it correctly and share it tomorrow with few quotes etc. It will be a general guide btw EDIT: Guide is online !
  8. ColinReys

    Amy General Discussion and findings

    I made a General Match-Up guide for Amy (against 12 characters for now, it takes a lot of time) with all punishable moves, move who are parry-able etc. Is someone interested ?
  9. ColinReys

    Amy's Top 10 Moves

    For me : AA 3A 6BB6 8B+K B+K 2B+K RRPM 4BB WRPM 214BB 66B+K6 1B
  10. ColinReys

    Amy General Discussion and findings

    Well, i don't know this combo, will try ASAP ! Thanks ;)
  11. ColinReys

    Amy General Discussion and findings

    I play Amy since her release, and don't play on SC4. I realized this character is the perfect meaning on the famous expression "No Pain, No Gain". Normal GIs are just flat for her, but 2/5/8B+K are just crazy when you learn how to put then in character matchup. When you know how to do them, you...
  12. ColinReys

    Amy Gameplay

    Hi, i'm still new with Amy, and I want to see good player point of view of how they play Amy. Are you using her as a punisher ? A poke character ? Mix up character ? Other way ? I don't know how role to give her when playing.... I don't play to SCIV so... Can you help ? Thank you, i'm a little...
  13. ColinReys

    Roses perception combos

    Hi Here are some combos to max Roses Perception : - Red Roses 3B 666BB 3bA 6[B+K] 1B 6[B+K] 22_88B 666BA 8B+K B (or K) 6[B+K] 4B (in some situations : tech trap, juggle...) - White Roses B+K K 6AB 22_88B 6AB Do you have some another White Roses setup ? They are harder to stack than Red...
  14. ColinReys

    [Match-Up] Maxi

    Hi everyone, Here is my work for punish Maxi with Amy. Please feel free to correct me if i'm RRPM : Red Rose Perception Max WRPM : White Rose Perception Max 2A+B -> 6CE, CE, WRKA, WR3B, WR3K 33B+K -> 6CE, 6BB, AA 33A+B -> step between hits AAAA -> B+K between 2nd &3rd hit, or crouch 4th BAK...
  15. ColinReys

    2B gameplay reveal VOD from Dengeki PlayStation Live

    Well, this character was iconic in his game, but God, she is so charismatic and full of references ! It was an evidence to see her in SCVI and becomes a new legend ! I think I found a new main btw Hope the dlc will be released soon *-* Thanks Jotamide for sharing !
  16. ColinReys

    Escape is Futile; Ivy Combos

    Well, nice info ! Thanks ;) But concerning the timing between FC1B~4A ? I cannot do it...maybe there is a tips ?
  17. ColinReys

    Escape is Futile; Ivy Combos

    I found this combo, didn't know if he was already mentionned : 22_88A (LH)~ FC3BB(delay 2nd B)~66B+K~6B8 (99 dmg) Or it's possible to do 4B8~214B (114 dmg) after 66B+K. Do you any tips for combo FC1B~4A~4B8 ? The timing between 1st and 2nd hits are so short ! Can you make Ivy turn back faster...
  18. ColinReys

    Escape is Futile; Ivy Combos

    Another topic : what is your combo when you break the guard of the opponent ? Because 3B~6B8 does 30dmg... I found FC3BB~4B8~214B something like 60dmg. Even CS does less dmg... How to make profit of guard break ?
  19. ColinReys

    [Match-Up] Mitsurugi

    Now, time to punish Mitsurugi ! Legend LH: Lethal Hit CE: Critical Edge Mitsurugi AAA: crouch and WRBB 6AA: Quick attack between hits (AA, 6B8K) 1A: 22_88A (LH) after 1A WRAA: crouch 2nd hit and WRBB or 1B BBB: CE after 2nd hit, 22A (LH, not 88A)/22B (not 88B) bA: 6A/6K 6BB : 6B8Kw 3B...