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  1. Ceirnian

    Patch changes V1.10

    Here is a list of stuff so far, there should be more but NEC top 8 started. 6AA +0 on block, still jails 1A is -12 on block now. 6B does not pushback at all on block or hit. FC 1B doesn't track at all anymore 66A+B is now -12 on block (AA punishable by most characters) SC 66A+B can only be done...
  2. Ceirnian

    [Dec 5, 2014] Northeast Championship VX Anniversary - 12/5 - 12/7 (Essington Pa)

    I don't usually post anymore but... AHAHAHAHA!! Welcome to team Making People Ragequit (MPR). Blueboy ftw
  3. Ceirnian

    Super Smash Bros Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

    I actually do hope they put in another Fire Emblem character. I want to play as Chrom or Lucina.
  4. Ceirnian

    DARK SOULS 2- Praise the sun

    For those of you planning to get Dark Souls 2 on PC use this code to get 25% off (total comes out to be 37.50) Only works for today! GMG025-EASTER-024HRS Add game to your basket, click checkout and then add the voucher to get the discount. Game comes out on 4/25/2014 and it is a steam code...
  5. Ceirnian

    How often do you beat Blueboyb?

    I bet you beat yourself every night liar.
  6. Ceirnian

    C2A tips?

    Advice: You can release A during a buffer window to get an earlier charge than if you let go when it "feels" like you can attack again. This is really noticable when you try to c2a after doing ch 6akb. Try pressing 6[a]kb and then release it earlier than you initially think you should. The...
  7. Ceirnian

    Hilde Combo discussion

    Oh so my feeling of being able to do it more consistently if i tapped g instead of holding g was correct. Sometime soon I need to sit down and spent a good 6 hours or so grinding this out like I use to do in sc4. It's funny how after grinding out the same combo for long periods of times you...
  8. Ceirnian

    Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread

    Late but [a+b] is easy to jg or sidestep on reaction and a+b is punishable especially up close. If you use it at tip range then some characters will have a harder time hitting you but it's still not good to spam at all. bb is viable vs everyone in the cast. It's not good to spam it out but it...
  9. Ceirnian

    Soulcalibur II System Tutorial

    "all of these flaws are actually good things!!" Cool that he made the video but trying to spin the garbage parts of it as good is weird.
  10. Ceirnian

    Namco-Bandai Announces Soulcalibur II HD Online!

    This will last a few weeks at most until people see why nostalgia is such a bitch to deal with.
  11. Ceirnian

    Looking for someone living in korea

    I've run out of options so I figured I would post on 8wayrun hoping someone can help. I'm trying to make 2 Korean nexon accounts so that a friend and I can play Dungeon&Fighter. The american version closed down due to Nexon NA handling it terribly and we really miss the pvp/gameplay. The...
  12. Ceirnian

    Hilde Combo discussion

    I saw that win, I mean I think she has what it takes to win a major. Tournaments are cool but majors are the big tests.
  13. Ceirnian

    Hilde Combo discussion

    She lacks a truly good mid, her wr options are bad and she whiffs all kinds of shit for no good reason. that said I agree she is a good character, just suffers from those issues + her best damage is like apat. Even worse if you drop your execution you can get punished really bad for it. If...
  14. Ceirnian

    Hilde Combo discussion

    I get it, I played sc4 hilde a lot and some of her best stuff required buffering early. After trying her out for awhile I just can't get into the character, it's not that she's bad it's just that her moves don't make sense as much as they use to. Power aside, the movelist just feels... wrong...
  15. Ceirnian

    MTfighter Wins Winter Brawl 7

    I would never...
  16. Ceirnian

    MTfighter Wins Winter Brawl 7

    Best part
  17. Ceirnian

    MTfighter Wins Winter Brawl 7

    No there are probably some really good players who think she is bad, just a majority of people who say those kinds of things don't even know WHY they are saying it. The better players tend to be more reserved in calling a character low tier or not in my experience. [edit] Why isn't this in the...
  18. Ceirnian

    MTfighter Wins Winter Brawl 7

    It's no surprise that MT won a major and that X is good enough to win. These forums are absolutely terrible at figuring out which characters are good and which are not. It always comes down to a top player picking up the character and showing what it is capable of. After that everyone says that...