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    What if an old character returns with a new weapon?

    I'd love to see a further expansion on Aeon's overall movelist, especially since it felt bizarrely incomplete in V. The main thing I noticed about Aeon in SCV was the fact that a large bit of his new dual-axe moveset borrowed from Kratos's moveset from Broken Destiny. I'd love to see a further...
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    Bad Habits?

    Whats up, people? I've been a long-time Cervy/Nightmare player, but have VERY recently been learning the ropes with Algol. I never thought to give him mind in the last game because I assumed he would be a one-off like Abyss back in III days, but it looks like he may be sticking around for a bit...
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    Cervantes top 10 moves.

    1) iGDR Why? Because it's the Destroyer of Worlds, the King of Kombo-starters, the Lord of Launchers, the Poobah of Punishers, but most of all . . . it's iGDR; 'nuff said. P.S. This may sound retarded, but am I the only one who pronounces iGDR as "igg-der" when speaking it aloud? Because of...
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    Cervantes Combo Discussion

    just out of curiosity, is there any approach you guys recommend for setting up combos? It seems that whenever I try to go in for the first hit I get nailed before landing the strike. I do my best to step, maneuver and shoehorn my way toward the kill but when it gets down to the strike I get...
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    Cervantes Combo Discussion

    I actually have a combo question and was wondering if anybody would help me figure it out. You guys remember SCIV Cervantes's iGDR 28B, right? Well I can't seem to figure out how to do the 28B part of that in SCV. I tried doing 28B after iGDR but it didn't come out. Curiously enough...
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    SCV- New CHARACTER ideas

    Eh, it's fine. Honestly I mentioned "Yunsuck" because it was the only remote example I could think of at the time and was unaware of his stigma on this forum. I made my idea because I agree that Bangoo should have savage barbaric quickness which is why I want to see him use butchered and...
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    SCV- New CHARACTER ideas

    I just had this really random but potentially awesome idea for BANGOOOOOOOO! Bangoo fights with a combination of awesome wrestling, half-MacGyver-ed martial arts combat he picked up from some random shoulin monks and ninjas and a sizable viking-esque battleaxe. (I know Rock uses a mace these...
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    Sc5 Cervy Wishlist

    Well, having an improved step as many others suggested would definitely be a plus, I do like me my mobility. I'm not too terribly competitive so I'm not sure how to improve frame data so I'll trust you guys and say whatever you guys are saying about x move having y frame data as opposed to z...
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    "This is TRUE Power!!"

    You know, as much as I enjoy honing my skills, getting better at fighting, learning refined techniques, and just good old fashioned tourney rumbles, I do miss being cheap. What do I mean, you ask? Back in the days of SCIII, a friend of mine and I decided to buy a gameshark (or something the...
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    New auto GI?

    Well I'll be damned . . . I just tried it out and you're absolutly right. Thanks.
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    New auto GI?

    Hey, guys. I'm pretty new to this particular site, so bear with my potential noobness, but I found something freaky the other day. So, I'm playing a casual match with my friend. He's Siegfried and I'm Cervantes, and he decides to do a 6B attack on me, pretty mundane, so I use (I think, not...