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  1. The Landslide

    Happy birthday Rekano!

    You're a fucking cannonmaster. Happy birthday and take care of yourself!
  2. The Landslide

    REKANO! You bastard!

    Happy birthday you noggin' donkin', shotgun wielding, power kneeing, fat son of a bitch. We're throwing down in L4D in celebration.
  3. The Landslide

    Best Albums of 2008

    There was a thread similar to this on Caliburforums but it was dedicated to 2007. I think it would be cool to get everybody's impressions of the best albums that they heard in 2008, despite it being a completely terrible year for music. I'd say lets make it a top 5, and if you could please add...
  4. The Landslide


    Has anyone else downloaded this from the X Box Live Marketplace? This game is fucking amazing, another great game in a slew of fantastic XBL Arcade games (such as the new Geometry Wars and the ridiculously good Schizoid). Its graphics are beautiful, its puzzles are fun, and its mechanics are...