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  1. fireroses

    Favorite Bust?

    Hi y'all, This is going to be similar to one of my closed threads and others. So, what's your favorite bust? Ivy's big tits or Talim and Amy's (to all of you who are obsessive over flat chests.) breasts? So post a opinion about it! I'm gonna post a poll later on.
  2. fireroses

    Screenshot Avatar Requests.

    Hi guys, Now I can do avatars with MS Paint. But I can't do designs. So, gimme the screenshot of your favorite character and I can do it. 5 requests at a time though. ^_^ One of my Samples.
  3. fireroses

    Most Dangerous or Deadly Lady of SCIV?

    This might be a sister thread of Bootyclap's Favorite Female of SCIV. So post a opinion and vote one of the 5 ladies I picked! ^o^ Rules of this thread. 1.) No discussions on the girls. 2.) Just put a damn opinion. 3.) No complains cuz your fav chick didn't made it. Get over it...
  4. fireroses

    Need advice with something.

    I need advice on something in real life. You see, I'm not comfortable not talking with people in person. So I need tips. Anybody can help me, but I need recommended guys. Recommended people I need advice from. If it's ok. Loli_Drizzle emo_prinny TagYouRPregnant mikosu U recommended...
  5. fireroses

    Ummmm..... How the heck I got the Community Award?

    Can someone ask me here I got the award? But it makes me happy! ^_^
  6. fireroses

    Many SC images i found from the internet.

    Well i found many stuff in the internet and i like to share some with you, hope you like them!
  7. fireroses

    Which guy rather date Ivy?

    I was thinking about someone pairs with Ivy so post a opinion about it!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ and vote the dude for her!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. fireroses

    Who's your favorite female in SCIV?

    post a opinion about your favorite lady character! and vote! goooooo vote! ^__^
  9. fireroses

    Help with Maplestory downloader

    Opened a new account. I can't install my game because it says , "Pando Media Booster cannot be started. Aborting." If anyone plays Maplestory,Please help ! P.S: If someone asks about the FAQ can't find a topic about it.