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  1. Serge2HOT4U

    Monday Night Main Event Weekly FGC Show hosted by Dreamkiller and Serge

    What's up guys. Jaxel told me that this is the best place to post this, so here goes:) I have finally decided to combine my passions for pro wrestling and fighting games into one - The Monday Night Main Event. Tune in to see your favorite players take each other on in your favorite games...
  2. Serge2HOT4U

    Tool Academy reject claims to have slept with Tiger Woods

    So a new woman claims to have slept with Tiger Woods. Recognize her? She was on Season 1 of VH1's tool academy where she was dumped on the 2nd episode because she wasn't the tool's actual girlfriend. And who was the charming young man that claimed this lady after she had slept with the...
  3. Serge2HOT4U

    I did it. I found the biggest man bitch on the internet

    Long story short: guy asks girl to marry him, she says no guy asks girl to marry him again, she says no again girl says that if over a million strangers join a facebook group dedicated to this BS, she will say yes. More on this tragic attention whoring at the link below...
  4. Serge2HOT4U

    Yo Larry (350z) - When were you gonna tell us you were in a movie?

    I am extremely disappointed with Larry right now. I mean I've known the man for a long time now, and he has never told anyone about his past hollywood life. But this past weekend it all crawled back. Maybe Larry wants us to forget this time period? Who knows Without further ado, I bring...
  5. Serge2HOT4U

    Kanye West interrupts MTV VMAs

    Ok, Kanye West did it again. He interrupted Taylor Swift's awards acceptance speech, saying that Beyonce should have won for everyone that was at last year's NEC - you know why Beyonce sucks anyway, here is a link to the video, courtesy of my site lol...
  6. Serge2HOT4U

    Zachary Quinto (yes, Sylar, Spock) plays MAHVEL

    there is a campaign going on to save video arcades, and Zachary quinto recently showed up to support it. Now without further ado - is Sylar playing MAHVEL BABY of course, for more pics you gotta go here...
  7. Serge2HOT4U

    Greatest standup comic of all time - RAAAAAAAANDY!

    This is just the most amazing thing ever. Azis Ansary created a character for the new Movie Funny People, and apparently this is the best thing about the movie. RAAAAAAAANDY!!! peVFNna3vB8 More here -
  8. Serge2HOT4U

    5 Minutes of Iron Man 2 footage = turbo nerdgasm

    This 5 minutes of footage just totally gave me wood. And yes of course I posted it on my site:-D
  9. Serge2HOT4U

    Guidos everywhere are devastated

    Over 20 different stuies found that using tanning beds before youre 30 increases skin cancer risks by 75%. British researches say its as bad as mustard gas. More on it here: And remember to dig if you like...
  10. Serge2HOT4U

    Tekken + Tapout = PROTEIN!!!!

    POWERBARS!!!! more here
  11. Serge2HOT4U

    Model threatens me with legal action. I respond.

    A Russian model that made out with Mickey Rourke threatens bloggers with German legal action. I respond respond, cite tubgirl in his argument, and give her the attention she wanted to avoid (or receive). Germans dont always make good stuff. Photo in question Now, here is what I need...
  12. Serge2HOT4U

    In Soviet Russia, Grandmas sing YOU

    Saw this on youtube today, had to share 4FpD8wF1s6E if you like it, then plz digg:-) i love you
  13. Serge2HOT4U

    The Anti Popped Collar shirt clips

    Have a douchebag in your life? Still popping his collar? Well the good folks at Miller would love to help. Introducing: Ironic because most douchebags drink miller. And if you like it please digg:-D
  14. Serge2HOT4U

    It's official, Idiocracy has begun.

    Rapper Hurricane Chris performs for the Louisiana state house of representatives, sings song about wanting to furk Halle Berry. It's official, Idiocracy has begun I was just gonna plug my site but i'll be nice: l0PCQYalZU8 So if you like that shit please digg my article:-)...
  15. Serge2HOT4U

    Hooters finally says what we all think

    I don't wanna direct link to the picture, but check it here This shit deserves some diggs lol
  16. Serge2HOT4U

    Conan O'Brien REALLY likes video games

    Check out the new tonight show set. Pics at my shamelessly plugged web site:
  17. Serge2HOT4U

    PROVEN - mitsu is top tier, Maxi a close second

    2k is too pro with mitsu that is all no hilde, no algol, empire garden only, final destination
  18. Serge2HOT4U

    50 Cent to play Justing Wong in Street Fighter 4

    ........... or die trying. My face pretty much exploded when I heard this. So who do you think 50 is gonna use? Shameless plug to my site where i discuss the same exact thing lol: EDIT::::: This is how...
  19. Serge2HOT4U

    Idea: Hype videos for nationals

    Hey guys. With SC4 Nationals coming up, and great people qualifying, i think it would be very cool if we made a hype video. I don't have any video editing skills, but im sure a few people on the forums do. Here are some ideas/inspirations/great hype vids from the past Intro to Pride GP...
  20. Serge2HOT4U

    Ban Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Stiff

    Ok, now that I have your attention, here's my breakdown of all this ban nonsense that's been happening. Kind of a long rant First of all, in order to get into a mindset, i want you guys to read this: Aah, the tourneyfag, one who makes every attempt...