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    Bear's Zwei Guide

    update: Here is the guide and matchup section, discussing matchups is kind of trivial so I only included punishment and tactics... I think I'll leave it at this, enjoy the guide, rep Zwei!

    Voldo's Tracking List

    All moves tested against HILDE for catching step... This list is to notify how Voldo's attacks catch step, and how good... Here's my list: AA = Right + Left 6A = 75%~Right + Left (far range only) 3A = 80%~Right + Left (far range only) 2A*FC 2A = Right 1A = Right + Left (far range only) 4A =...

    SC5 Amy Gets Nerfed!!!

    OK, she probably won't get downgraded that bad, but this is one of those "lets talk SC5 buffs/nerfs" threads... So any ideas of what to change in terms of making her better or worse for SC5 can go here!!! HOOAAAAH Less SCD, if they replace Criticals then I don't mind how it is... 2B+K more...

    Alshaim Najm Guide

    Refered to as 623B is Algol's auto-parry attack: 623B - i31 G = -22 H = KND CH = KND IMP [2-14]; TC [10-23]; TJ [at i32] A risky IMP move that pays off when used properly... In here we can discuss when and how to apply the move, I've made a list of all the attack strings 623B can...

    Yoda's Tech Traps

    Green Sexy's awesome tech traps... Enjoy these and feel free to contribute... F = foward/ B = backward/ L = left/ R = right/ G = hits grounded CH 4A: (delay) 6A - F/B/R (delay) 236B - F/G/B (delay) 3A - F/B/L (delay) A+K - F/B (near wall) 6B: 3BB - combo A+K - combo 6B - combo...

    Charge Cancel Combos

    This thread is dedicated to the discovery of combos achieved by the "Charge Cancel" Skill... Rules: *CC! is the abrieveation for Charge Cancel (A+B+K) *I use G! for Guard Turn, hope that's not a problem... *Guaranteed combos only (no tech trap combos (too much, this is just for fun)) *If...