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  1. feelmylance

    The following error occurred: The requested page could not be found.

    That is the message I get when I try to go see previous comments on a video in the media section. I use the firefox.
  2. feelmylance

    Do Slanted arcade buttons exist?

    Doing slide inputs is annoying when I am hitting the side of a button. I have the Eightarc Fusion stick.
  3. feelmylance

    SELLING Hitbox (ps3)

    Used. One of the buttons stopped registering, and I don't know what's wrong with it. No loose wires from what I could tell. Might need a button replacement... Figured someone could fix it up. I decided to stick with the stick. Also selling a used scv hori stick that works 100%.
  4. feelmylance

    When I thought I had seen all of Yoshi's unblockables...

    I find this one. What is the input?
  5. feelmylance

    Sweet Jesus, bullwhips are awesome.

    I vote a whip user for a next playable character. Check this out. Gets better and better.
  6. feelmylance

    How much have you spent on SCV?

    I am going to be honest, so judge me all you want. Besides paying for the game, I have bought the strategy guide, the dampierre dlc, and three arcade sticks (110, 180, 200 dollars). I also purchased a capture device to try out uploading videos. Now I didn't get the ps3 for the game, but I...
  7. feelmylance

    I just 100% SCV!

  8. feelmylance

    Popping that SCV cherry in ranked.

    Anyone else feel honored to fight against a brand new player with 0/0 w/l ratio? I'm talking about the rare newbie, not someone that just made a new account. I feel so privileged to give them their first loss. Makes me feel warm and cuddly on the inside seeing them spam AA and BB strings...