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  1. Ishimaru Jinrai

    [-- The Delusions of Online Insults --]

    Some nice music to listen to while you read. >:] Hello!! You've probably heard it before, someone on the internet insulting you, saying they'll beat you up, but turns out they're just some upset 12 year old living 1,000 kilometers away? Or, how about the angry bodybuilder online who thinks if...
  2. Ishimaru Jinrai

    Pacific Rim: The Video game!

    Just curious, does anyone here play the fighter game online? If you would like to duel some time hit me up! I'm currently fighting for the Kaiju team. =D
  3. Ishimaru Jinrai

    TitanFall [Xbox One Exclusive]

    This game is probably going to be my new Call of Duty / Halo addiction!