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  1. Alex.J

    Singoff Battle: Fukou vs Linkorz

    Linkorz who scoffed at Fukou's singing ability. Challenged Fukou to a Singoff at Final Round. This grudge match will end some serious beef between both singers. Both singers will pick two songs and the crowd or judges will decide the winner. Fukou has been singing it up since Highschool as a...
  2. Alex.J

    Stone Cold vs Weeping Angels

    Brief back story, Weeping Angels are a Dr. Who villian. And Linkorz is incredibly scared of them. To the point where seeing them makes him not sleep for weeks. They look like this. They are statutes that only move when someone isn't looking at them. And when they touch them, they send that...
  3. Alex.J

    David Scanlon's Artwork

  4. Alex.J

    Who would win in a fight?

    20 Brock Lesnars Or 20 bears
  5. Alex.J

    The reality of anime/entertainment

    This video does a decent job of illustrating how Anime is a business and the struggles it faces. I feel like a lot of the content on the video is applicable to videogames and scenes like ours. Making an anime series or a videogame is a gigantic undertaking that is sometimes overlooked. What do...
  6. Alex.J

    Pie, cake, or cupcakes?

    What do you enjoy more? Pie, cake, or cupcakes? Option #1 Pie: The best part of thanksgiving. The only real use of pumpkins. And an effective weapon to throw at peoples faces. Option #2 Cake: A celebratory treat often consumed during ones birthday. Option #3 Cupcakes: A strange...
  7. Alex.J

    Party Wolf

    What are your thoughts of @Party Wolf I say he is a handsome man with many talents. However, he can sometimes trick himself into believing weird things (PW thinks Sonic > Megaman LOL).
  8. Alex.J

    Rate the Picture above you
  9. Alex.J

    Enkindu vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Dwayne Shultz, an amateur wrestler (shitty video game player) from Florida finally had his big break to be somebody on July 29th, 2008. He waited his whole life for this opportunity. He was going to wrestle Stone Cold Steve Austin(Alex.J) for a chance to fight The Rock (Black Mamba) at Summer...
  10. Alex.J

    Gender Wage Gap

    What do you think about it? Does it exist in America? Do women make 70 cents for every dollar we make? Will Mighty Omega read Tokyo Ghoul for the 9th time? Does Paragon still think he's a fat woman trapped in a mans body?
  11. Alex.J

    Mad Max: Feelings Road

    The new Mad Max movie isn't driven by manliness and mayhem but women and feelings. What part of an action film needs "The Notebook" in it? Seriously, we might as well give Mad Max a dress in this film. I hear he does none of the fighting and gets bossed around. He isn't even on the majority of...
  12. Alex.J

    T3H Graze Thread

    So very important poll. There are many animals that graze on grass. But which one is everyone's favorite? I will provide pictures to help you decide also. Cows: Moo Sheep: Bah Deer: Bambi gon die Horse: Neigh Zebra: Dem Stripes Rhino: Dat horn Mighty Omega: A beast...
  13. Alex.J

    How to be "The realest nigga"

    As you all know, sean ruben aka @Xeph calls himself "the realest nigga". How did he achieve this? I'll break it down for you. Step 1. Make sure to physically threaten people online over a videogame with no chance of following through with it. Step 2. Have an unplanned kid at an early age and...
  14. Alex.J

    Teh Gaze Thread

  15. Alex.J

    Hawt Girls thread

    No gifs so it doesn't get laggy as hell. Or 900 pictures in one post. I'd say 5 max a post so it doesn't become a lag fest. Also, it would be nice if we didn't post too many celebrities since everyone have seen those pictures already. Other than that, post hawt women and enjoy.
  16. Alex.J

    In need of relationship advice

    I recently lost the love of my life Orangeislands31. How do I win her back? Any suggestions are welcome.
  17. Alex.J

    What Lost Swords would look like if it was Multiplayer

    Many people complained that Lost Swords was single player. That it ruined the game for competitive players and turned its back on them. After watching this video of Tekken Revolution, It's probably for the better it's single player.
  18. Alex.J

    Man Court poll.

    This is based on a discussion that happened on my facebook group, "The Men of the FGC". Doug Hadry, known as @Sporko on these forums said I didn't have enough evidence and was talking out of my ass. The discussion was based around social norms that put power in the woman's favor and have men...
  19. Alex.J

    Fenris Zero's Big Secret

    So I talked to Fenris Zero today. He claimed that he's been fooling me for months. That him and Twiztid Raven have wine then fuck each other, then laugh about this secret. That even Slade figured it out before me. So like a true detective, I'm setting up this post to gather evidence to figure...
  20. Alex.J

    Blossom Appreciation thread

    As you know, Blossom is easily the hottest girl in 8wayrun. She goes by many names, Gazer rockisdead, blossom, Aya midori, Snoopiest Cat, a hairy coconut. She remains elusive and sexy. Playful but hard to get. She is the Queen of 8wayrun and I decided to make an appreciation thread for her. I...