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  1. Donutman

    The Return of that one donut guy

    hi do you remember me from the SCV days? Itsokifyoudontthatwaskindathepoint anyway SC6 has dropped and I'm back into the swing of things with CaS so lets get right into this. I'll be attmpting to keep this thread somewhat organized by category buuuuuut I might fuck that up later on down the...
  2. Donutman

    Donut's new and improved super awesome mega kewl creation thread of holy epicness and other stuff.

    Old thread got too cluttered So why not make a new one? Richter Belmont Marth (fire emblem awakening) Marth(SSB4/Shadow Dragon) Lucina/"Marth" wearing Marth's Ssb4/Shadow Dragon outfit(fire emblem awakening/custom) Vanguard/Adult Ike (fire emblem radient dawn) Roy(fire emblem...
  3. Donutman

    Sonic Calibur?

    Tired of seeing those ugly attempts of trying to make accurate recreations of our anthropomorphic blue friend Sonic? Man i've seen some ugly ones. People should know you aren't going to be able to make an accurate anthropomorphic character( maybe a few exceptions, just ask party wolf about his...
  4. Donutman

    SOPA is back again ugh.....

    Why the hell didn't anyone make a thread about this? Or even mention it here?
  5. Donutman

    "Heir of the accursed bloodline!" the Jin Kazama/Devil Jin CAS thread

    Hey just because Jin doesnt have a standard model in the game doesn't mean we cant have a thread for him. Basically post all of your custom CAS Jins/Devil Jins here,hell maybe even other mishimas or kazamas can be welcome here i guess. Right now for my jin and devil jin all i have is have is...
  6. Donutman

    XBL weekly get together

    Basically this, but for eckzbawkz
  7. Donutman

    What the fuck happened to XBL connection? Am i the only one noticing this?

    I'm on xbl and i used to have a great connection but then about 2 to 3 weeks ago my connection with this game has fucked up on me. Ranked still goes okay for me, but in player match i first get 4 to three bars with everyone, then after 60 seconds BAM 1 BAR WITH EVERYONE I have tryed resetting my...
  8. Donutman

    Mother throws her two sons off a 15th floor balcony

    source: ................FUCK THIS EARTH seriously what the flying fuck.....
  9. Donutman


    Just post your favorite music, whether is traditional, popular, video game or anime music or whatever you got. Heres one of mine
  10. Donutman

    Donut's CAS House

    Yeah, CAS Stuff i've made. Now before i begin i'd like to say I'm not what you'd call very good at coming up with original characters, so far i only got one good one which i'll post later. But i havent came up with a backstory or anything like that for it yet though. So you'll mainly see...
  11. Donutman

    Future guest characters for you want for SC6 or SC5 dlc?

    What the thread title is, what guest characters Would you guys like to see? I honestly want Dante from DMC because you know, he was supposed to be in sc3. I know he probably won't fit in as far storyline goes, but I think his gameplay would be great in SCV. Another idea I thought would be neat...
  12. Donutman

    New to 8-way run but not new to SC

    Hello everyone, I am teh donutman. Yes you read that correctly. Anyway I'm new to this site but not new to SC as I have been playing since sc1 I played and loved SC1 and SC2, didn't do much with 3 and 4, tryed out 5 and ended up loving it. My XBL gamer tag is donutman012. My best characters as...