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  1. Krit

    [Jun 22, 2012] EVO SERIES MWC 2012 (Antioch, TN)

    Come visit me, hoes and bros, the south isn't THAT scary! :D
  2. Krit

    Because I do things. And like to brag.

    This'll be a showcase for all SC-related work I do, mainly stick art, since I've started doing that. This is my design for my TE, and will be accompanied by matching purple buttons and a crystal balltop! :D
  3. Krit

    Final Combat

  4. Krit

    Why Gerard, Why? D:

    Why do you end up in some of the most ridiculous films? D: Why is Milo Ventimiglia's character named Rick Rape?
  5. Krit

    Type your username into google...

    Rather amusing. I found this on another site I go to. Hahaha. Wooooah DO THEY MAKE BMWs?! - I actually like those t-shirts - As Loren would say... "AHHHH, BLACK PEOPLE!"...
  6. Krit


    So my friend is BOSS and sent me this game last night. Holy fucking hell. It's so much fun. It's basically a musical puzzle, and you can use the music you already have on your computer to create new puzzles and whatnot. I was never into things like Frequency, DDR, and whatnot, but I'm loving...
  7. Krit

    EA Giving Free Gas as Marketing! Yup. EA is going to lose billions of dollars. And noone will buy their game. D:
  8. Krit

    What Are You Listening To?

    We had a thread elsewhere, and I hope it's not lame of me to start one. >:U Bonde Do Role - Marina Gasolina
  9. Krit

    Nightmare on Elm Street Billy Bob Thornton to Star in the Remake. lolwhat?