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  1. WuHT

    Setsuka's CE

    Hey anyone know what type of deities are in the background ? Are they custom shinto deities or something else ? The one in the center had 6 arms (4 holding weapons) • The hand in the 9 o clock position is holding a bastard sword ? the handle looks barely large enough to accommodate 2 hands...
  2. WuHT

    Weapon / Movesets in Future Games

    This is a discussion thread for cool weapons you'd like to see in the future Soul Calibur releases (or even DLC since SC6 is still supported). We can share thoughts on weapons we find interesting and debate if we disagree Now the key thing is to highlight the weapon and the moveset, whereas...
  3. WuHT

    Concept Artist - SC6 Designs

    Been seeing a lot of Concept Art lately and wanted to see if any keen-eyed detectives out there can figure out who the design artists were I'm basing it mostly on the drawing style, which I could be wrong These appear to be done by Hiroaki •Groh / Azwel / Seong Mina / Yoshimitsu The first 2 are...
  4. WuHT

    Running Mass

    Tested by issuing forward run command from a CPU controlled character, running face-first into 1p running forward as well in the infinite training stage. Depending on how they move once they run into each other, here are the running mass tiers: • Astaroth (no surprise here) • Cervantes •...
  5. WuHT

    In Game Character Heights

    **Note : Link to Season 2 updates : The rosters' relative heights are not always following the canonical heights per the game's character bios. Below are 2 Gifs of the roster sorted from tallest to shortest Female: Male: Some notes: • I didn't do a bald-version because I found it harder to...
  6. WuHT

    Early Frame Data Analysis

    I haven't perfected the methodology yet, but here we go: In terms of impact speed • 6B • AA / 2A / 4K • 3K / BB / 4K • 2K / 6K / 2B / 214B • 6B+K / 6A / 1B / b2 • 4A / 236B / 2A+B /3A / 1A / 66K / 3B • 4B / 66B+K / 1K • 8K • • 8B • • 8A You can validate my data here. Just remember that...
  7. WuHT

    Pre-Release Prediction Thread: Patches

    Fun prediction thread (you don't even need to justify your picks just go with your gut) so we can look back at this and have a laugh Your predictions are even better if you haven't even played the pre-releases beta versions Question for the 1st balance patch: Which 3 characters will get the...
  8. WuHT

    Raphael Frame Data

  9. WuHT

    Raphael Combos

    The combo spreadsheet is here: Raphael Combo Listing: 1.0 - Normal Hit Combos 2.0 - Counter Hit Combos 3.0 - Soul Charge Combos 4.0 - Wall Splat Combos These are sorted by impact frames (fastest to slowest...
  10. WuHT

    Raphael Forum Directory

    **Graphic Pending Welcome to the Raphael Soul Arena! Here you will be able to find all of the collected info on Raphael's gameplay and discuss strategy, go over match videos or learn about some of his hidden tricks. Here are the links to all of the information/strategy threads in this SA:
  11. WuHT

    SOULCALIBUR 6: WishList Thread

    Now that we have a better understanding of the Soul Calibur VI's new game mechanics, some of the roster characters, and the timeline+lore , we can organize a better Wishlist for specific things you, as fans, would like to see return in SC6. Now since we don't have any direct contact with any...
  12. WuHT

    Visual of Reverse Edge: White vs Pink

    Taken from the background of the namco bandi site : What is the difference between the white whirls and the pink whirls for the Reversal Edge ? [In the video, the White Reversal successfully defending against Mitsurugi's new low toe stab...
  13. WuHT

    Soul Calibur VI First Trailer - Screenshots

    I attach some interesting screenshots for discussion (outside of just general hype!). Lets keep our discussion civil gentlemen (no "I-told-you-so" gloating, since we're all jubilant here). This was taken from 1080p but I resized it a bit smaller. Back when SC5 first revealed I was hoping...
  14. WuHT

    Bonus Soul Calibur Artwork

    Edit: The variants of the Soul Calibur: New Legends of Project Soul artbook cover extracted from the bonus DVD would make for a pretty nice wallpaper Here are some half-faithful images for the Soul Calibur: New Legends of Project Soul artbook cover featuring our favourite alexanders
  15. WuHT

    PS3 Keyboard

    I'm understanding that the general usb keyboard will work sufficiently with the PS3. However, my new keyboard can only have A B C D as inputs (all other letter I type give me nothing during the chat message box). I have a gigabyte osmium aivia, but I'm thinking that maybe the ABCD are like...
  16. WuHT

    Guest Character's Impact: Was Ezio a big part of why you bought SC5?

    I would like to know if the inclusion of Ezio was a critical component of your decision to consider purchasing SC5? This may even apply if you enjoyed SC4, but I expect the majority of positive respondents to be fresh to the SC5 series. Granted, this poll should have been done quite a while...
  17. WuHT

    Project Soul Logo Avatars

    Project Soul Inspired Avatars: Saw spyder with a maxi project soul logo so I was curious how the rest of the cast would look. Just a few miscellaneous SC5 characters. I may complete the rest of the cast, or try some of the older installments. Took a few liberties...
  18. WuHT

    Brave Edge Study

    If you're wondering what to do with meter, this is the place to discuss. To help sum up his A+B+K Brave Edges ("BE"): 6Bb(BE), 6B(b)(BE), prep Bb(BE) and prepB(b)(BE) which are similar enough to lump into one series so i'll refer to it as 6B b BE Pros: Terrific CH damage (67 damage) off a...
  19. WuHT

    Raphael : Patch Changes and Discussion 1.6BB BE and prepBB BE: shorter recovery frames . Decreased guard burst damage and increase in opponent's critical gauge 2. 1B (Single Montante): removed tech crouch (when did it ever have this ?) 3. 88B (Quick Mandritti): increased damage...
  20. WuHT

    Quickstep comparison from crouch

    Can anyone verify if there is a difference tapping 22 vs 88 from crouch (1p) side? It seems to me that you 22 is faster (or 88 if you're 2p) is faster (basically tapping the same button used for crouching). This may have something to do with RCC, but i'm putting this forward because i have a...