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    Discuss this shit.
  2. Juez

    Juez's YT channel!

    That's right! I have a YouTube channel where me and my buddies play some games and do live commentary. Live as in we don't do post commentary so everything you hear is as it was during the time of us playing. We are trying to have 1 new video uploaded every day at around 5pst with a different...
  3. Juez

    God of War: Ascension

    Any of you guys download the beta for the game? I have and I must say that it is pretty fun, I'm to good at it though seeing as if I play free for all I keep getting first place.
  4. Juez

    Best of PSN Revised

    Back again for SCV. This thread will serve many purposes. From increasing your EPEEN to helping players find matches against certain characters. Basically, I make a list. The list will have the top 3 of each character via online. As of right now, there's no listings of players. I'm going to...
  5. Juez

    Vs Patroklos

    I've seen this in other character SA's and it seems to work for them so lets try it here. Now I have the punishment reference stickied and odds are once we get through each character I'll it and turn it into a clean and organized VS thread. In each thread I would like to talk about basic...
  6. Juez

    Solve the mystery

    Alright I've had this saved up for a while now and I've decided that it is time to make you guys think, basically I will post a story and you have to figure out why it ended the way it did. You can only ask me Yes or No questions and if you think you have the answer then you can PM and I'll tell...
  7. Juez

    Ezio Punishing Reference

    Alright guys, I know what you're thinking "Juece we already have a thread that is dedicated to punishing moves with Ezio." You're right, we do have another thread dedicated to that. The reason I am making this thread is to make it easier to look through all the information that will be posted. I...
  8. Juez

    Comic books

    I know we have a manga/anime thread and all but I think it's only fair to have a thread for comics. I personally don't read many comics if at all, at least until recently. I decided to buy some batman comics since the whole starting all of DC comics over thing happened. I must say that the...
  9. Juez

    How bout that zombie Apocalypse

    Alright what with all this stupid talk about raptures and stupid crap, I'm curious if anyone has thought of what they would if their was a zombie apocalypse? I only have a few things that are set in stone as too what I would do 1. Check to see how much ammo I have for my guns. 2. See if phones...
  10. Juez

    For Competitive gaming

    I was on SRK looking at some Marvel stuff when I saw this on the front page of SRK and decided it was worth posting since it brings up some good questions for players who want to try and play competitive like.
  11. Juez

    psn back up

    So yeah
  12. Juez

    8 Wayrun movie club

    I figure since we have all been posting on our top 5 favorite (insert something here) why not just have a little movie club? We can all post a move that we recommend that everyone watch and discuss it. We could have like a movie a month or a week for everyone to watch and discuss or hate on...
  13. Juez

    Infamous 2

    Alright I loved the first Infamous and I'm pretty hype for the second one, get hype for it you bastards or so help me...
  14. Juez

    No limitations

    I saw this and I was like dam, good shit.
  15. Juez

    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

    I havent seen a thread for this and I've just started playing this game so I want some tips and stuff. People tell me its an awesome game and when I mention fall out they say fall out 3 is like Oblivion but with guns.
  16. Juez

    Dead Rising 2

    Who else got it?
  17. Juez

    Devil May Cry 5

    Case ya hadn't hear they made a new DMC and completely changed Dante. Now I really want to give this game a chance because it looks decent in fact if it wasn't called Devil may cry and the main character wasnt suppose to be Dante I would pick this game up. Though because they changed Dante after...
  18. Juez

    Infamous 2

    I am surprised there isn't a thread about this game considering how awesome the first one was.
  19. Juez

    Hobo with a shotgun

    I suck at posting videos but this is one of those WTF movies
  20. Juez

    YLOD I needs halp

    So my Ps3 got the YLOD. I need help fixing it with out having to spend $150. If anyone knows any websites that can give me a hand that would be greatly appreciated.