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  1. franman

    Mixbox: your thoughts

    This thread is designed for experienced mixbox users or ppl who had experienced it to give their feedback on it. Other ppl including mixbox users themselves are welcome to ask questions. With that said here's my input on my mixbox. I mainly bought the device simply for 3D fighting games; in...
  2. franman

    To anybody owning a G-sync monitor at 120Hz or above.

    When playing SC6, do you guys have g-sync enabled -OR- do you just set the monitor refresh rate to 120Hz -OR- is there another option I never heard of for better optimal performance? Plz explain your choice even of it's outside of the first two questions.
  3. franman

    Step Cancelling

    What forms of step cancelling can I do in Soul Calibur 6? Why would I want to incorporate them into my game play? How do I execute it/them?
  4. franman

    How to get Youtube to view Japanese Soul Calibur 6 tournaments?

    I was at my brother-in-law's place watching TV. It has youtube integrated so I thought I'd tune into that and search for Soul Calibur 6 tournaments. To my surprise I found Japanese and Russian tournaments of SC6. At home, I browsed on Youtube on my PC in search for any Japanese SC6...
  5. franman

    Best workout routine for different body types discussion

    To those who are into work-outs, I thought it maybe nice to start off with 3 different body types that will affect the way you work out. Here are 3 body types in a generalized point form. Ectomorph In physical essence, they are thin-built with small bone structure. Middle finger and thumb...
  6. franman

    The best game quotes

    This is similar to ShadowFox's 8wayrun Chat Logs and my thread Top Tier post(s) from our 8wayrun members except this time its quotes from any video or PC game. Also just for fun you can let the person guess what game the quote came from. I'll start mine off: Peasant: "Murder glowing" Gerald...
  7. franman

    General Understanding of Connection ports and Monitors

    Intro CES 2015, an electronic hardware expo, has definitely display a lot of interesting tech which looks promising for the year 2015 and for this topic I'm here mainly to post a general overview of the currently existing ports for monitors including the latest one from CES 2015 as well as...
  8. franman

    [Toronto] Our public transit sux

    Hello and welcome to our Toronto community thread. Yes the public transit here sux; sadly the TTC has been running for 50+ years :(. NEwayz Toronto has been sorta outa shape for a while but we've got a couple sticklers. We've got OOFMATIC, DINO, Silent_Wall and Stryder who were long time vets...
  9. franman

    Scuf controllers- Thoughts, impressions, reviews, Q&A

    Hello, after getting bored and just browsing around youtube, I came across an interesting peripheral. What is a scuf controller? Well its a 3rd party controller obviously, but what sets it apart from other 3rd party controllers are its rear paddles that you optionally stick at the back of scuf...
  10. franman

    Top Tier post(s) from our 8wayrun members

    Pretty much like ShadowFox's 8WayRun Chat Logs. Post any quotes (or a quote) from any 8wayrun member(s) you find interesting that is well worth deserved to be placed in this hall of awesome posts. I'll start off. This one is based on Alex J's response to Marginal's "higher levels of astral...
  11. franman

    Will PS4 and Xbox One adopt to freesync?

    Do you think the PS4 and Xbox One will eventually upgrade their hardware to adopt AMD's free-sync standard? Would you rather wait for both of them to adopt this feature? If you're curious on what free-sync is all about? this site has FAQs that will hopefully answer all your questions except...
  12. franman

    What is it you like about every fighting game?

    Whether you played them or not, whether you even like them or not there maybe some attractive feature(s) that leaves a signature mark for that fighting game. I'll list some fighting games: Tekken: I love the fact that there is a button assigned for left punch, left kick, right punch and right...
  13. franman

    Thought Experiment: What are things you look for when buying a gaming peripheral?

    When I say gaming peripherals I mean type of controllers for gaming such as mouse, keyboards, control pad, keypads etc. What is the thought process behind this before making your final decision on which product to buy? Have you ever given much thought on the product before making your...
  14. franman

    To All the Active offline scenes

    During the start of SC, there were many participants back then that played SC competitively; however, after almost every big EVO event, the community starts to dwindle. Of course this is to be expected. Though there are scenes that are dead such as mine, there are still some that continue to...
  15. franman

    Do fans care more about CAS than the original SC cast?

    I thought I may put this thread up since I was inspired by a certain forum member. However, the main reason I've asked is because from my last experience in online battles, I commonly see random ppl using their CAS and very rare do I see an original. I begin to ponder as of late on how Namco...
  16. franman

    Portable Pocket Device for lecture reading

    One of the biggest issues when commuting is the time wasted to get to your destination. I could've spent an hour just reading lecture notes, but my only option was from a huge one and half inch binder and it's too clunky. Also I'm wasting paper and ink for lecture notes (usually in PDF or MS...
  17. franman

    What game mechanic(s) should be incorporated to other games?

    What game mechanics from a game that you find very useful that all or some of it's elements should be incorporated to other games of other genres? For me I find Final Fantasy 12's particular mechanic the gambit system, to be usefull for a beat'em-ups, FPS, and espeically RPGs. What is the...
  18. franman

    Your thoughts on Hitbox

    I play both pad and arcade stick, they both have their pros and cons so I have yet to find the perfect controller. The d-pad has a more accurate directional input than stick IMO but with the button layout for the arcade, I don't have to assign much attacks to more buttons. So that's when...
  19. franman

    The Awesome Youtube Thread

    Just post whatever vid from youtube you think is awesome. It can be comedic, hype, educational something you've like to share that you think it's worth our time watching. So any1 here a Star Fox fan? This is a fan-made trailer and upon watching this I could've sworn I've felt the hype if this...
  20. franman

    [PSN &/ XBL]Online Cervy Practices

    Feel like hooking up against your Cervy players online? Then this spot will serve it's purpose as a hot spot for posting your PSN and or XBL. My PSN OjoeOfranO The three 'O's are the letter alphabet. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (East side Canada)