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  1. FleshMasher

    Possession throws are dead. 5A_B_K breaks all.

    Yes even the SC one. This is BULLSHIT please patch ASAP Namco.
  2. FleshMasher

    Best converters for DualShock 4 to XBox One?

    Yeah i think i'll need one. Minimum of lag would be my main interest. Converters being banned from tournaments because of unfair/illegal functions would be disqualified for me too of course.
  3. FleshMasher

    What's wrong with the input smilies?

    High gives me :H: A+B looks like this: :A+B: All multi, slide and buttons and also the Properties are effed up for me. For example CE gives me :CE: Only basic input seems to be correct. This also really messes up the Wikis for SCV. Are you aware of this? @GreatOne1939 Or are the emojis under...
  4. FleshMasher

    Move Listings for SC6 (a small selection, EVO demo build)

    Just putting this here for quick reference:
  5. FleshMasher

    Is this Mitsu's new jumping B or are While Landing attacks back?

    @3:59 Mitsurugi does a jump, followed by a vertical slash, that looks pretty much like a While Landing attack, unless they gave him a, much slower jumping B. A return of While Landing attacks would make me happy beyond measure. Thoughts?
  6. FleshMasher

    Game Business R.I.P. Thread >:( I really liked Dead Space.
  7. FleshMasher

    Scrolling makes my music stutter

    Scrolling in firefox makes for example the music from YT videos stutter. That was not the case when i listened to music via Itunes. Now i updated to the latest version of itunes because i bought a new ipod, and have the same stuttering problem with itunes too. So in fact i can not listen to...
  8. FleshMasher

    Write a Hatemail!

    I sometimes have those festering evil words in my head which i don't want to send to other players even if they are total assholes because because i'm such a nice guy. Maybe i'm not the only one so here is a thread where anyone can write hatemail so you don't have to hit somebody. Please write...
  9. FleshMasher

    Fleshy's Flashy Characters

    Look who found a cam :D This will be a massive infodump as i'll post the best of the characters and refurbishes i made in SCV. Lolth from Forgotten Realms (some may know her from SCIV online back in the day) J-E-N-O-V-A Lightning Major Kusanagi (g.i.t.s.) Hinata Ahsoka Tano (SW CW)...
  10. FleshMasher

    A request for an SC IV screenshot.

    Ok i've been looking in google pictures all day but can't find what i'm looking for. I'm looking for something like this: I mean the character/style sillhouette with the highlighted weapon, but from Taki, the bigger the better. I cannot take screenshots. So if anyone could upload a capture of...
  11. FleshMasher

    6A+B Thread (PO A/K Whifflist, stuff like that.)

    List of Characters with "immunity" to Normal Hit 6A+B4~ PO A/K due to auto whiff. For 6A+B4~ PO A [short A] and 6A+B4~ PO K [short K] respectively. Tested up close :) = Works ok :| = Has issues :( = Works not at all Patroklos A :) K :( Leixia A :| K :( Ezio A :( K...
  12. FleshMasher

    (Funny, weird, whatever) Room/Lobby Names

    This is a thread to post room/lobby names that you encounter online, use or used yourself or wanted to use but never came around to. Are they funny, weird or whatever. I'll start: use: Winterwundenland (german wordplay with winterwonderland and wounds because it's fucking cold here) Meat and...
  13. FleshMasher

    Natsu 1.02 Combo And Tech Trap Listing

    Table Of Contents Natural Combos Natural Counter Combos Advanced Combos Advanced Counter Hit Combos Wall Combos Wall Counter Hit Combos Tech Traps Combo Video by Seyfer that shows NCs and NCCs: Combo Video by Seyfer that shows Advanced Combos: as of 7/1 Thanks to...
  14. FleshMasher

    All Interesting New Finds Go Here

    As the title says post whatever new interesting stuff you find here so we don't have a new thread for every new find, which sometimes are even already known. Here are mine: Some know it already but in case you don't: 44KKK wall bounce works off short walls like pirate ship railings too, you...
  15. FleshMasher

    Natsu Complete Anti-Character Guide Project (work in progress)

    EDIT: I am dumping the "range" and "RO" additions for the punishers because actually almost all of Natsu's punishers are range dependent and i suppose it's better to test/practice the range autonomously and RO properties are treated in the punisher spoiler.] Here you can post anti-character...
  16. FleshMasher

    Natsu Movelist Discussion and Analysis

    Post here to discuss aspect of Natsu's movelist, including her Critical Edge, Brave Edges and normal moves (and their properties and strengths and weaknesses).
  17. FleshMasher

    Natsu Videos Thread

    Post all media related to Natsu gameplay here, including combo videos, tutorials, tournament/casual videos, etc. Do not post story play-throughs, endings, or CaS related media.
  18. FleshMasher

    Youtube etc. no sound

    Media player sound, no sound Any clue?
  19. FleshMasher

    Natsu match-up and anti-character general discussion thread

    This is the thread TaXi originally posted. It's purpose is general Match up discussion. Merged it with punishment discussion.
  20. FleshMasher

    SCV: Online etiquette Yes or Do What You Want?

    I was wondering if i should start a "SCV: Online etiquette Yes or Do What You Want?" poll. I think etiquette is a two bladed sword for training online. (I am aware online training sux anyway) You don't rely on Laglows but i also mostly unlearnt to use those lows at all. I know etiquette is...