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  1. Cambosa

    Having an Issue with Scoreboard Assistant V1.2.2

    I'm working on streaming the weekly tournament at my local for SC6, and I downloaded Jaxel's scoreboard assistant to... you know... assist with the scoreboard stuff. My issue right now is that the scoreboard assistant creates an output folder when I make a new tab, but it doesn't create the...
  2. Cambosa

    Any Tips for a Seong Mi-Na?

    Hey there, this is my fight time getting into a Soul Calibur game and right now I'm thinking about maining Mi-Na cause she seems to have some fun stuff. Anyone got some tips/advice for when it comes to playing Mi-Na, like maybe things I should keep in mind while in a match?
  3. Cambosa

    Newbie lookin to get good and have fun

    Hey everyone, the names Sam (my usual tag online is Cambosa). I started playing fighting games about a year ago (I'd say I really started getting really into them in January 2018). I've mainly been playing Street Fighter V, but I want to learn SC6. This is my first Soul Calibur (I kinda played...