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  1. Bloodredtyrant

    So... can I have tips on beating Nightmare?

    My main problem with Nightmare is his ridiculous range. On most stages, it feels like the match starts while I'm already in Nightmare's optimal range. I play Tira, so I'm always trying to get in and he's always backing away from me. Nightmare's speed is a little too fast for his damage output...
  2. Bloodredtyrant

    New and willing to learn

    I've been a casual since Soul Calibur 3. Played the heck out of SC4 and SC5. I love this franchise and I'm stoked to see it return. I know that I have a lot to learn. I tend to gravitate toward complex characters. My mains are Tira, Ivy, and some Raphael. I'm hoping to add Voldo and Azwel to...