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    Dampierre Wiki

    I've started work on putting his attacks in the wiki. I can't test frames, but I'll do the damage and soul gauge damage for the moves. With the notes, if I can consistently mash something mentioned as mashable I'll mention it as MSH, otherwise I'll list it as random unless someone can say just...
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    Gauntlet mode

    I HOPE YOU LIKE K AND 2k. That's how to win 90% of the tutorials using Zas.
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    Lizardman changes

    * 33B:B is a real JF, with flashy and everything. Seems a bit easier to land. Dunno if they fixed the rest of the problems with it. * LC B+K no longer rings out. * After CH 66A, 44A needs to be charged a little bit to hit. * 3B, 33A+B no longer works (unless I'm even worse landing it on psp...
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    [BD] Rock

    * Lowered damage on 63214:B+G, only deals 33 damage. 63214[B+G] deals 48 damage. * New move A+B+K. Linear, guard breaks, does critical finish, and leaves them head first ground. Looks like it might have tech crouch properties. Guard breaks in 8 hits. * 44BB, BT B+K combos and leave them face...