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    Rock's 214AAA Just Frame..

    You don't even need to hold B+G for his command throw. As long as you hold and release B, you can let go of G at any time.
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    Rock Videos

    You can also use other directions instead of 6, but I have no idea why you would. I know you can go backwards, fowards, up, and down (not sure about diagonals).
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    Lizardman Mixups/Strategies

    Lizardman has no 66A:B or 8A+B moves... LC B+K only is the roll, LC A+B is the GI... I dunno what you're smoking, but I need some of that.
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    BD tier list impressions

    Every time I try for 1k->FP, I never get it. Coincidentally, I ALWAYS want 1k->FP, so that's a kick in the pants. Except near the ring edge, since I've done FP B and rung myself out more than once. AND I SHALL CONTINUE TO DO SO.
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    BD tier list impressions

    If Rock had a guaranteed, non-breakable ground throw attempt after something, he might be upper-mid. Some of his throws are majorly buffed in the damage/range they put you at afterwards, even compared to the other damage buffs that are general across the board. But since he is 50/50, he'll never...
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    Dampierre Video Thread

    The start/stop record button is F12. There is no documentation that I know of, I had to do some googling to figure that out. Just make sure you set the codec to something other than uncompressed, unless you need the best quality. For recording quality, I use either xvid or huffyuv if I really...
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    Dampierre Video Thread

    I use the builtin record feature in RemoteJoy Lite, myself. I use xvid at 2800kbps (single pass, since I have NO idea how I could do a double pass with recording). Another neat thing with RemoteJoy: You can use USB gamepads to play with. So if you have a stick with a USB end or converter, you...
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    Zasalamel combos

    CCB...? I think you have the wrong notation or the wrong game..
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    Dampierre Video Thread

    I get plenty of WR A+B and A+B+K because I start mashing that too early/fucked up the 623 input. :( I wouldn't mind WR A+B if, you know, it was faster or had some tracking at all. But it doesn't, and a blind midget with two wooden legs could step it in time.
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    Dampierre Video Thread

    Man, I wish we could find real people to play with. And possibly upload videos where we win. me vs the boss of quick matches, Algol as played by the AI Olcaden!
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    Kratos and Astaroth.

    I do this daily. Pretty good exercise, to be honest. Damn pesky 100ft Minotaurs infesting my basement...
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    Dampierre's Stances

    I've done missed 66B for PB and also a random BE that I'll stop after a few kicks for PB fun too. Unless it actually connects, then I'll try to finish it. Right now, the only thing I hate about his stances is that you have very little/no time to think about what you should do. It'd be nice to...
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    Dampierre Wiki

    I've started work on putting his attacks in the wiki. I can't test frames, but I'll do the damage and soul gauge damage for the moves. With the notes, if I can consistently mash something mentioned as mashable I'll mention it as MSH, otherwise I'll list it as random unless someone can say just...
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    Dampierre's Stances

    Has anyone found a use for his FP throws? I can't ever think of a reason that the opponent would be ducking unless they are new against Dampierre. It his FP B was a high, maybe, but since it's a mid you NEVER DUCK when he's in FP stance. The stuns don't keep them in crouch state long enough...
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    Le Bello's Top 10

    Dampierre's Top 10 A+B 8B+K 44K 1K (and 1K~FP) 3K 66K (Yes I know both hits are high, but it has good range and covers step decently.) BE (aka Bravo! Encore! [aka 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K {aka OH GOD WHY DO I MISS THE LAST HIT?!}]) 33B All 3 of his WR moves (except his WR UB) 4A I am REALLY fond of...
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    New Feature : A+B+K "CF Attack"

    The splats usually need to be fairly high up, since the CFA will only work on someone not grounded. Most of those might combo with it, but not trigger the CF.
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    New Feature : A+B+K "CF Attack"

    Yeah, those Sets stuns are easy to shake. I was just having fun with them.
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    New Feature : A+B+K "CF Attack"

    Part 2! NOW WITH SOUND-O-VISION! Some of the combos are not the easiest to pull off when recording, and virtualdub has this annoying tendency to be a retard when trimming the video.
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    Namco called Xianghua as Kayane !!!!!!!

    How does this make you feel, Kayane? (took me 23 matches or so to get you):
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    BD Zas

    Some more fun news: Depending on the move, after GIing an air/jump attack can net you a 4A+B grab. Some moves I've tested this on: Rock's B+K, Rock's 6B+K, Astaroth's 6B+K, Kratos' B+K, A. Regular 7/8/9 attacks do not work unless they wallsplat after GI, and Astaroth's 9B+K does not air...