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  1. Haeven

    All Cassandra's Ground Throws

    Hi all. Did I hear right?! Cassandra has a couple of ground throws? I know of one of them: 1B. But are there more? Does anyone know what the other ground throws are? Thanks!
  2. Haeven

    How to perform Astaroth's Super Armor?

    Could anyone tell me how I can perform Astaroth's super armor? He performs bulrush, turns pink and takes one hit without recoiling. Thanks in advance!
  3. Haeven

    SC2 HD Online AI and Offline Lag

    Hi everyone. How is the AI in SC2 HD Online. Is the same as original SC2? Also when playing offline, is there any lag? Thanks ^^. All help is appreciated!
  4. Haeven

    Taki's Poison Dart in SC2

    I apologize for posting a thread about SC2 in the general Soulcalibur Tactics thread. I posted here because there is very little activity in SC2 Taki Soul Arena part of the Forums. I also apologize if everyone already knows about this. ^^ Poison dart makes playing Taki in SC2 so much fun...
  5. Haeven

    Are Arcade Stick Adapters Good?

    Hi. I'm thinking of getting an arcade fight stick for PS3. And when SC6 comes out for the PS4, I'm thinking of getting an adapter. Do adapters introduce lag?
  6. Haeven

    The Safe Poseidon

    I apologize if everyone already knows this. But we can block-confirm when performing Astaroth’s Poseidon Tide. We can perform 214A, wait and check whether the opponent blocks it or if we wiff, and then perform the AAAA right after the opponent blocks or we wiff the first A. P.S. Technically...
  7. Haeven

    Sidestep then 6K or 4K

    Sidestep then 8K or 2K We know that 88K and 22K are very nice moves. Auto jump, auto duck, sidesteps. woooo! But combining it with sidestep will make it even more crazy. Press 8 or 2, wait for the sidestep to finish and press 8K OR 2K right after, this will trigger 88K or 22K respectively. It's...
  8. Haeven

    jf dash--powerful tool against shove-away players?

    First off, I apologize if everyone already knows about this. Or, if I'm wrong ^^. I know I can be wrong; I'm certainly not an expert :P. That being said, on with the discussion! We can use jf dash right after we block or get hit by an attack to close in on the enemy as long as we are standing...
  9. Haeven

    Rock's don'ts

    There some information around about what we should do (such as top 10 moves and some other advice buried in threads). But I don't think there is much information about the general don'ts. I'm nearly decent with Rock but I can kick butt with other characters more so than with rock. So...
  10. Haeven

    best ground game?

    Is rock the best or does others like Nightmare beat him? Sorry if this was already discussed but I couldn't find thread dedicated to this.
  11. Haeven

    Who is the best punishing character?

    Hi there. I love making opponents pay for attacking. Which character is the best at dodging or punishing? I understand that Sophitia can often use 236B to punish post block. However, I'd rather not focus on post-block punishing (even though it is an option I'd use).
  12. Haeven

    AI, GI and character balance compared to SC2

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking of buying sc4. I have SC2. How what is the difference between sc4 AI and sc2 AI? Also how much harder is it to GI or parry than in SC2? Also, in general, how much better or worse is character balance in sc4 than in sc2? Thank you all! ^^