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  1. NeoStrayCat

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Sadly no, but get's mentioned by Seong Mi-Na in Hwang's story, that's it.
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    Title Collection - Missing a Few'm coming back to this topic again, however, due to the release of Setsuka, I was wondering, has anyone unlocked her purple title? Which should be "Drifting Snow Blossom". Outside of Tira's title which is unlockable in-game, the other DLC characters usually have their purple titles...
  3. NeoStrayCat

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Yeah, at the moment, both the Xbox and Steam Stores have her up now, and depending on your region, both the EU/PAL and Asia region PS stores should have her up as well, as for US/NA, we gotta wait until morning as usual, lol.
  4. NeoStrayCat

    Title Collection - Missing a Few

    Yeah, I think they put two of them at Lv. 72 and Lv. 80 just in case they don't break the game how many times you faced the Lv. 72 Ancients. And in case you fought the Lv. 72's after a certain amount, you're forced to fight the Lv. 80's. Anyways, I've already said this over another forum, but...
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Quick FYI, Cass is up for X1 owners.
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    How I feel my disappointment in one image. Well, I suppose we could wait til T7 Finals, I guess, but this is bullshit.
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    Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

    Always Coke, but Pepsi second.
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    Title Collection - Missing a Few

    Yeah, be aware that it takes 50 matches (or wins), per character, even, just to even get a character's "Soul of" title. Easier doing it is have 1 round versus matches on with "slip out" option on the smaller stages.
  9. NeoStrayCat

    Umbra4life's CREATION Gallery

    Well shit, let's just say Umbra is the King of CaS with the near of if not perfect recreations, I mean, I can also applaud FreeMeal too, since he does it as close as he can too. Applause for Umbra!
  10. NeoStrayCat

    Title Collection - Missing a Few

    Version 1.30 now eases the requirements to get Nightmare's "Azure Nightmare" title. You now just need to do 2 certain quests to clear (whose names I can't be sure correctly, because "Google Translate", lol.) Now I can finally get this out of the way without having to do some complicated bullshit.
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    Title Collection - Missing a Few

    I already did that, hence I only asked for the missing title, not one I already got.
  12. NeoStrayCat

    Title Collection - Missing a Few

    I see, thanks, guess I'm gonna have to traverse LoS a 3rd or 4th time (on X1), lol.
  13. NeoStrayCat

    Title Collection - Missing a Few

    Well since I've already got Taki's a while back now, its the middle one in between "Notorious Mercenary" and "Black Panther Warrior", and I hope its not the RNG warriors that Ruslan sent, cause that's probably going to be a pain. >.>
  14. NeoStrayCat

    Title Collection - Missing a Few I was right on calling on the title, and you guys didn't think it was called that. But shit, it took this long, but its really convoluted to unlock it seems, lol. Well, I read up on Dante's notes, though chances are I might have to go through another playthrough of LoS to get this title...
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Well, just a quick FYI, the CaS pack 1 is already on Steam, already up in PS store in JP/Asia and EU/PAL terriorties, nothing yet for X1 worldwide (which I'm currently checking), and nothing yet stateside on PS Store US until practically tomorrow morning, I assume. So'll be a while.
  16. NeoStrayCat

    FreeMeal's SoulCalibur 6 Creations (with some SC5, perhaps)

    Well, it doesn't hurt to ask a specific version of SC for for FreeMeal to make, however, I assume he has to do SCV and SCVI seperately at the same time. Considering what parts are and aren't available. And with the CaS 1 pack coming fairly soon on SCVI, hopefully FreeMeal has more leeway to...
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    Create-a-Soul Contest Winners Revealed!

    Welp, I tried, lol. But hey, already have the SC VI CE since launch, lol. Grats to the winners tho.
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    soul samurai's creations

    Surprised somebody even remembers Bushido Blade, Black Lotus (then later Highwayman) represent, lol.
  19. NeoStrayCat

    Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion

    Well Sectus, I'm up for that, would make things easier in the long run, though for PC users of SC VI at least.
  20. NeoStrayCat

    Win a SOULCALIBUR VI Collector's Edition! (for XB1)

    @WySmash The fine print says the prizes will be sent to US/Can residents only, so I don't suppose any other regions aren't applicable, unless otherwise noted by Jaxel. Either ways...Wishing Toypop got some love. And yeah, gonna drop my entry here before the contest time runs out. Happy...