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  1. franman

    Monster Hunter World

    Man even to this day I'm still playing Monster Hunter Icebourne as Cervantes with dual blades. The pirate needs a different hobby aside from pirating souls.
  2. franman

    I don't care about winning; I care about building a positive community.

    I don't care about winning; I care about building a positive community.
  3. franman

    Mixbox: your thoughts

    Not sure what you mean by hitbox buttons as both use Sanwa buttons and it doesn't have a stick; instead, it has the WASD keys for directional movement. But for the sake of giving clarity on what the mixbox looks like, this is what I'm using.
  4. franman

    Mixbox: your thoughts

    This thread is designed for experienced mixbox users or ppl who had experienced it to give their feedback on it. Other ppl including mixbox users themselves are welcome to ask questions. With that said here's my input on my mixbox. I mainly bought the device simply for 3D fighting games; in...
  5. franman

    Hey Egg, how's it been? Do you play Zasalamel in SC6?

    Hey Egg, how's it been? Do you play Zasalamel in SC6?
  6. franman

    Input Latency on Consoles Considered Harmful

    This is already mentioned here.
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    To anybody owning a G-sync monitor at 120Hz or above.

    So basically I did some researching around to the point where I've asked the author who has written articles on the G-sync 101 series. I've asked the author what is the most optimal settings I can achieve with a fighting game locked at 60 fps. In a nutshell, you want to set the monitor refresh...
  8. franman

    [Toronto, Ontario, Canada] SOULCALIBUR 6 era edition

    You'll find more activity here. And Here.
  9. franman

    To anybody owning a G-sync monitor at 120Hz or above.

    When playing SC6, do you guys have g-sync enabled -OR- do you just set the monitor refresh rate to 120Hz -OR- is there another option I never heard of for better optimal performance? Plz explain your choice even of it's outside of the first two questions.
  10. franman

    I know dat was CRAZY!

    I know dat was CRAZY!
  11. franman

    [Toronto, Ontario, Canada] SOULCALIBUR 6 era edition

    Welcome back to the stage of history old timers. Also good to see a lot of new blood. I hope we continue to thrive as a community.
  12. franman

    Step Cancelling

    So far the only two moves I've heard of are Korean Back Dashing (I guess it's also called Back Dash Canceling) and Wave Dashing. I don't quite understand how they benefit your game play. Based on Boom's youtube vid, you do Korean Back Dashing by inputting 4 neutral then 214 (or 814)...
  13. franman

    Step Cancelling

    What forms of step cancelling can I do in Soul Calibur 6? Why would I want to incorporate them into my game play? How do I execute it/them?
  14. franman

    Cervantes Combo/Video Thread

    For this one After BT B+K can he do a 1K B B follow-up? Also after BT B+K is 1B (hold) guaranteed?
  15. franman

    Cervantes Leaked Footage Move Analysis

    Cervantes Move List can be found below.
  16. franman

    Is Create-A-Soul Important?

    I plan on getting the game either Black Friday or Cyber Monday at the same time I order my pc components.
  17. franman

    How to get Youtube to view Japanese Soul Calibur 6 tournaments?

    I was at my brother-in-law's place watching TV. It has youtube integrated so I thought I'd tune into that and search for Soul Calibur 6 tournaments. To my surprise I found Japanese and Russian tournaments of SC6. At home, I browsed on Youtube on my PC in search for any Japanese SC6...
  18. franman

    Is Create-A-Soul Important?

    Ok but I'm not doing that to shame these ppl is just that; I believe they have incredible potential I just suggest 3D to input into their thought. Also I don't see how from swimming to climbing trees makes any sense; the Paint to Photoshop analogy does. That confirms brucege's point. @brucege...
  19. franman

    Is Create-A-Soul Important?

    I'll elaborate a little more on chobek's stuff. Like I saw strong creativity in her work, but because of how limited CaS is, they give mediocre results and so I'm like 'meh'. 3D programs can extend your work that give results such as this.Given that you take the time to invest and look up on...
  20. franman

    Is Create-A-Soul Important?

    it doesn't and I've watch both. As long as you think I'm not trolling then we're good. I'm here to challenge and see if there are any good answers.