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  1. PANDA

    Dragon Ball Fighter Z Fight Me
  2. PANDA


    Looks like a better version of Wii Boxing. What do you guys think?
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    - ROCKSTAR GAMES Grand Theft Auto V -

    GTA V HAS COMETH Releasing on 9/17/2013 Rockstar's GTA 5th installment in the series is finally here. Check out the game's Ratings, and while you're at it join ROCKSTAR's Social Club for awesome multiplayer experience. This will be no doubt a "must own title" for consoles.
  4. PANDA

    Microsoft Caves Regarding XboxOne Issues

    President Don Mattrick announced today that the XboxOne will be getting a complete overhaul as suggested by consumers regarding issues with XboxOne. In the recent news update, Mattrick stated that these changes will be implemented prior to XboxOne's launch: -No more online only -No more daily...
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    Bayonetta 2 [Wii U]

    First KI3 and now THIS. UGH!! >_< Do you guys think that eventually the game will be released cross-platform? GET HYPE!
  6. PANDA

    KiLLer Instinct [Xbox One Exclusive]

    AT LONG LAST, KI IS HERE !! Jago Combo Montage PLS PORT TO PS4, I BEG YOU MS !!
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Official Trailer looks sick as fuuuuuck!
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    Oculus Rift (VR Gaming)

    Oculus Rift What do you guys think? is this the future of gaming? Will PS4 and Xbox720 adapt this in the future (or possibly at launch)? Looks like it is already confirmed for Steam. Looks amazing IMO... Dev kits are already out for around $300. Can't wait to see the final product! get hype
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    **BioShock Infinite**

    The Must-Have Shooter of the Year! After 5 years in development !! add me if you're getting this for Steam: 3/26 - GET HYYYYYYPPPPEEEEE
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    Ultimate Ninja Storm #3

    Looks fucking Bad-Ass!! I might actually get this one... Drops 3/5... GET HYYYYYPE!
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    KI Trademark Renewed

    OH EM GEE!!
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    **PlayStation ALL-Stars Battle Royal**

    Sony Smash Bros
  13. PANDA

    ~ Sleeping Dogs ~

    its GTA's gameplay with similar Batman Arkham series combat fighting and Burnout's arcade style racing/driving. Hi-jacking another car while in a speeding car? check. Environmental take-downs? check. Awesome story line? check. Plus they got GSP (Georges St. Pierre) to add some MMA advice to...
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    Oh Yeah? - OUYA !

    Your thoughts...?
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    *Map of the Internet*

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    = Transformers: Fall of Cybertron =

    Aug. 21st Pre-order from Amazon and get DLC bonus Bruticus. Get. Hype.
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    ** PANDA's CaS and Original Edits w/pics!! **

    Welcome to PANDA's Create-A-Soul Thread Now accepting requests for CaS and Color Edits!!
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    Ezio Combo Discussion

    someone confirm this combo I found: 1K, 11B, 6K2 also 1K > 4A,B ?
  19. PANDA

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    In case people didn't know, this game has the same release date as SCV. Just hope that this game isn't linear as fuck. Still gonna buy it though... teehee! Cactuar, I CHOSE YOUUU !
  20. PANDA

    ** NorCal Casuals **

    NorCal Casuals Saturday 11-05-11 KCD vs Alex J