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  1. eagles4life10

    Dating a 74 year old cougar need advice

    I've met this lady recently and from the moment i seen her i was hooked. I had no idea she was 74 till i asked her she looks so dam good like in her 40's wit a 24 yr old grand daughter. I have no idea how to approach much older women i really lucked up one night we were alone at work just...
  2. eagles4life10

    The return of Allen Iverson to the Sixers!

    Sefaniki (sp?) make it happen, come on. We need some excitement here in Philly bball again.
  3. eagles4life10

    2009 MLB thread

    Hey the playoffs are coming soon, whats everyone's predictions? Discuss whatever. Anyways like Chase Utley said before... "WE ARE THE WORLD FUCKING CHAMPS!" (Phillies going to go all the way this year again.)
  4. eagles4life10

    What College/University you go to?

    I go to Penn State! (If you already graduated college or are still in high school, you can still post the college you were from or plan on going to.)
  5. eagles4life10

    Madden NFL 10!

    Who is excited for this year's Madden game? I have not gotten a Madden game in 3 years. I know I going to be picking this one up, it will be my first Madden for this gen. The more realistic the better, hope they added some useful new stuff. :)
  6. eagles4life10

    What Is Worst: A Rapist or Child Molester?

    Which type is the more horrible human being? And why?
  7. eagles4life10

    Anti Nightmare! lol...

    So we know Nightmare can be very dangerous and can own people very quickly if a opponent doesn't know what to expect from a Nightmare player. Anyways, post here if you have strategies to defeat Nightmare for those that have a difficult time dealing with him in general.
  8. eagles4life10

    My Internet speed is 2.00 mbs, is that okay?

    topic. Thanks in advance.
  9. eagles4life10

    So why did you choose Nightmare as your MAIN?

    topic.. :)
  10. eagles4life10

    Final Fantasy VII: Avent Children Cloud

    Anyone got a formula for AC Cloud? Thanks in advance.
  11. eagles4life10

    What Soul Calibur Character Are You Most Like?

    As in your personality, style and just the way you are as a person.. For me its like Yun-Seong/Nightmare combined.
  12. eagles4life10

    Which CAS Male Voice that says.. "YOU SUCK"

    Can someone tell what CAS Voice was it that had the taunt "YOU SUCK"? I am trying to make a character that pisses people off during fights.. lol..
  13. eagles4life10

    I help in buying a good router to play SCIV online

    Hey do anyone know a good router I can buy for my Verizon DSL Online connection that is not that expensive so I can play SCIV online better. My current router is really bad.. Thanks in advance.
  14. eagles4life10

    Is it true? Nerdy white guys love Asian chicks?

    From where I am, when I do see a Asian chick with a white dude, he is usually the nerdy type. Whats with nerdy white dudes going after Asian chicks? Is because they been rejected by to many white chicks or just can't get them? So they settle for something else? lol.
  15. eagles4life10

    Post Your Video Game Collection

    My Colllection: PS2 Madden NFL 07 NCAA Football 07 NBA 2K7 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix PS3 Soul Calibur IV Devil May Cry 4
  16. eagles4life10

    What is it about video games that attracts...

    nerds/geeks? I am sure that everyone knows that most people that play video game "daily" are usually on the nerdy side. I was just wondering what is it about video games that attracts nerds/geeks to play it more often than like for example a average person.
  17. eagles4life10

    Your Top Three Favorite Beer/Liquor Brand?

    Mine are: Beer 1. Heineken 2. Budweiser 3. Corona Liquor 1. Vodka 2. Whiskey 3. Gin
  18. eagles4life10

    Do You Prefer White, Black, Asian or Latino Women?

    I prefer White women. And Black women the least because I am not attracted to them. And I am a Asian guy speaking.