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    oh Syria...

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    How do you mute people in SC5 PSN Player Match?

    Is there even a way? One time I fought against somebody and their dog just kept barking nonstop.
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    Top 10 Pyrrha moves

    What's your top 10 for this girl? Let's try to agree :A:,:A: and :B:,:B: are givens so we can make room for two more. Mine are these: :A:, :K: :6::B:, :K: :2::3::6::B: ::4: :6::6::B: :3::A::+::B: counterhit :6::K: :4::K: :1::1::A:,:A: :3::3::A: :A::+::B: (meterless mid parry!)
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    Can 64B command throw be done while charging A?

    I can't for the life of me get this out at all while charging A on the 360 version, yet when I stop charging A I can do it 100% of the time. Sorry if this is old but I couldn't find anything doing a search.
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    Did google just get screwy?

    As of now, all Google searches have every result saying "This site may harm your computer". I don't have any virus or malware on my PC. Anyone else experience this?
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    Attn: Mods/Admins

    I can't sort threads by replies descending or ascending from since beginning in this forum. Is this broke?
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    What are your landmark gaming moments?

    I'm curious to see if you have any experiences in gaming that you'll remember because of its significance in your life. Here's a few of mine. (warning: LONG!) Original GameBoy packed in with Tetris: This was the good ol' days. My mom and dad both worked awful jobs for their meager wage. This...
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    What kills competitive fighting game communities?

    These are the patterns I've seen across many fighting games. I think it's the obvious lack of a solid guideline in what constitutes making the rules. There's no universally accepted guideline to ban a stage, character, controller bind, whatever. We only do so based on our biased view of how the...
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    Post your Ctrl+V now: ttp://
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    2B,8B,A,K versus FC 1B,8B,A,K

    Am I crazy or is the one from crouch just a hair faster? Reason I ask is I was testing out tech traps and 1A - 1B,8B,A,K seems to combo off from Normal Hit (it said "4 hit combo"). I did this against Hilde on Normal and Forward tech, btw. Anyone else have any opinion on this?
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    Reliable way to test for tech traps?

    I go to practice mode and set Freestyle Settings to 1st action Normal and 2nd action Guard All. Then I set Ukemi to whatever position I want them to tech (back, forward, left, right, normal, none). Is there any flaw to this method?
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    Sophitia "Wings of Faith" (Piano Arrange)

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    Amy stuns shake/nonshake

    Hey all. Just ran through Amy's movelist but can the experts please help build an exhaustive list of shakeable and unshakeable stuns during NC, NCc? I know some shakeable stuns become unshakeable if you do a really quick move right after it (I think 66A,33B is an example of this?). While...