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  1. AVNjonnitti

    [Dec 7, 2013] NECXIV Soul Calibur 5 Pools (Essington, PA)

    Pools for Soul Calibur 5 at NECXIV have been made by Avylon. Please remember that these only account for pre registers. Those who sign up at the door will be assigned pools before the start of the tournament. Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4 Pool 5 Pool 6 Pool 7 Pool 8
  2. AVNjonnitti

    voldo on just guard?

    hey ive been trying to lab up the voldo matchup and the wiki doesn't have a lot of the frame data for what his moves are on JG. anywhere i can find this?
  3. AVNjonnitti

    Online Patroklos Roster

    Everyone post your tag here, your location and availability and feel free to add any of us if you want to get some experience against Pat. XBL - jonnitti PSN - jonnitti Location - NJ Availability - I'm on XBL a lot but PSN I don't have available to me all the time. Usually for only part of...
  4. AVNjonnitti

    Whats good 8WR

    Hey guys, I'm Jon, from Jersey and I'm 19 from Wyckoff, NJ but dorm at Rutgers New Brunswick, currently on Busch Campus. I've been a long time casual player of SoulCalibur. When I was like 8 i was fucking around a lot with SoulCalibur 1 and 2 with my brother and had a blast with it but we were...