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  1. Pernicious-Soul

    Data usage on Live

    So IM switching wireless providers over to Verizon and they don't have an unlimited data package unfortunately but they do have 4g lte. My question is how much data does an hour of Live gaming consume? Does anyone else connect like this and how's the lag? Thanks PS: I've heard that hosting...
  2. Pernicious-Soul

    Xbox 1 tidbits

    This thread is for info about Xbox 1 ONLY!!! No need for fanboys or flaming. If you don't like Xbox 1 or its policies that's your prerogative but please don't post it here. I ran across this article and thought I would share...
  3. Pernicious-Soul

    Next generation systems!

    Wii U is already here and its looking like both Xbox 720 and PS4 will be available for the holidays this year. I'm guessing once they come out SCV is gonna die real quick w/ everyone moving on to the latest technology. They probably come on round Oct or Nov so that gives us roughly 10 more...
  4. Pernicious-Soul

    4g LTE

    4g LTE is finally available in my area so I bought Samsung Galaxy S3 and should be here by Monday. I've heard positive things about the speed of this new service but haven't yet experienced it. Im wondering if this service is fast enough to actually game on Xbox Live? Right now I'm on 3G and can...
  5. Pernicious-Soul

    Nightmare Questions and Answers!

    I recently had the chance to sit down with our former heavyweight champ and get his opinion on many topics concerning his gameplay and SCV in general. Nightmare himself answers the hard questions I throw at him and responds to all his critics and fans. Enjoy! Me: Good to see you again it's...
  6. Pernicious-Soul

    Good moves you might not be using!

    Alpha has a lot good moves that don't get much mention. Post up any moves you feel that are under utilized and how you apply them. WS/214a - I hardly see any mention of this move yet I can't play without it. A 17 frame, TC, step killing move that's only -4. This move also has better range than...
  7. Pernicious-Soul

    Pit bull vs Wolf

    So recently me and a couple friends were having a discussion about the gameness of the American Pitbull Terrier. One friend ask who would win if a wolf was pitted against a pit. A couple of my friends picked the wolf to win but I have no doubt the pit would dismantle the wolf. Their argument was...
  8. Pernicious-Soul

    Girls vs Videogames

    I'm sure anyone with a girlfriend or wife has heard it before. You know the old saying "you spend more time playing games than with me, you have work tomorrow and your playing SC at 2:30 in the morning WTF, are you done yet etc etc etc". I'm married and I hear this all the time but she'll sit...
  9. Pernicious-Soul

    Best of SCV

    List what you consider the best move in each category for SCV! BEST: 1. High 2. Mid 3. Low 4. Throw 5. CE 6. BE 7. Auto GI 8. Whiff punish 9. Block punish 10. Combo
  10. Pernicious-Soul

    Dawn Haze & Twilight Haze

    So I'm starting to play aPat and didn't see a thread dedicated to a couple of his most important aspects. This thread is intended to help new or even vets with this part of his gameplay. I'm hoping some more experienced players will post up tips, tricks, or anything useful to help someone...
  11. Pernicious-Soul

    2012 Summer Olympics!

    So the summer Olympics are starting on July 27 in London. Over the years I've come too love watching em and find myself cheering for shit (water polo) I would normally never watch lol. They're alot of fun for my family as I've even got my wife hooked lol. Do you enjoy the Olympics and if so...
  12. Pernicious-Soul

    Best EVO Mitsurugi

    So there is tons of great Mitsu play at EVO this year. What Mitsu player caught your eye? Who's the best? First let me say that all of the above are fantastic players and I enjoyed watching all compete. To me Mateo Galvan stood out above everyone. His spacing, movement and knowledge was great...
  13. Pernicious-Soul

    You vs Computer

    So I live in the boonies and have no high speed Internet, no local competition, and nobody to play other than the AI in SCV. RTD said he plays the computer to learn match ups. So my question is this. Is the computer a viable opponent on very hard? Do you beat the computer easily on very hard?
  14. Pernicious-Soul

    Soul Astrology

    Ok so i seen another thread about Soul Calibur characters and their zodiac signs and thought it would be interesting to see if there is connections between your zodiac sign and the characters we play. So to keep it simple just list your zodiac sign, primary character, secondary character and...
  15. Pernicious-Soul

    Leixia Matchup

    While this is certainly a winnable matchup, her safety, evasiveness and speed can be a bitch to fight against. A couple of moves I've found to be useful for Nightmare are 9k, a+b, 66k, iaga and good spacing. You gotta jump her GB stab to the foot, a+b blows up a lot of her shit, although 66k GS...