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  1. pixel09

    KIT Results

    Definitely fun, even though I felt disappointed in my play. I knew I should have done homework on Yoshi, but didn't and got raped by Big Boi (I think). Thanks for the schooling in Amy vs Amy casuals, Cordy. I beat you one round, yes! lol, good stuff. Nice meeting new people. I'll try to do...
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    Pretty much says in the Eula agreement that you have no privacy whatsoever, and we agreed so they have right to delete offline levels also. I really need to actually read these agreements. I just wonder how long my level will stay up, even though all I have is just an eyetoy picture of Ling...
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    Anyone made any levels? My level: 9thBackyard Almost impossible to find levels through search, so befriend me if you want. Edit: Changed the name to make it easier to find in search.
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    So you wanna be emo - A Tira guide

    I believe that was me that said that. It has it's weaknesses I agree, but 4b+k provokes an attack as it isn't used much. Using an rarely used move to provoke a predictable response from the enemy where you can sidestep and/or punish it in some way is the moral of the story here. Every...
  5. pixel09

    So you wanna be emo - A Tira guide

    Regardless of followups, 2K should never be neglected. It's pretty much the only quick low move that she can use in close quarters. The mixups come in when you train the opponent to expect 2K, G or 2K, FC A. Bringing stuff like 2K, 6K or 2K, 2K to the table. JS 1B is only -11 and I believe...
  6. pixel09

    So you wanna be emo - A Tira guide

    Any good custom strings to back up her pokeyness? A few I've noted: JS K, 2K If JS K hits the JS 2K is only i11 interruptable JS 66K, 66K If JS 66K hits the JS 66K after it is only i13 interruptable. Nice pressure, although steppable. GS BB, K Uninteruptable on GS BB hit. Also...
  7. pixel09

    Tira Frame Data

    Pretty much all her verticals are now done. Very interesting to see how different Gloomy side is to Jolly side.
  8. pixel09

    Should Algol Be Banned

    Why wasn't Jin banned in Tekken 4? Because top players eventually did find ways to beat him and there were ways around him. If there wasn't ways around a character's stuff it'd be a no brainer to ban. I'm new to this game and I don't care which decision is made. I'm just ready to quit this...
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    Should Algol Be Banned

    I recall in this thread that someone said Japan had banned Algol. If that is the case then we must follow suit. Why you ask? If NBGi knows Japan players have banned Algol, then why will they take any effort to do anything to him in future patches? Keeping him where he is now and toning other...
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    [Tennessee] Obligatory Title

    [Memphis,TN] Bring The Rape Inc. I tried, lol. I also use Amy, but I like garbage characters better (Xiaoyu, Tira).
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    LittleBigPlanet Beta Codes! RAFFLE!

    The Number 9 for LBP
  12. pixel09

    Anti Amy! lol...

    Key weaknesses 1. Weak range. 2. Amy is quite steppable. General rule is her distance moves are weak to 8wr right and her close range moves are weak to 8wr left. The only full tracking move I am aware of with Amy is 3A, even though it has about half the range of her 6BB. 6BB - 8wr left or...
  13. pixel09

    Astaroth Anti...

    Following up from the Amy vs thread made a while ago. There is an Amy vs Amy section in the Amy Vs thread in the Amy forum. Not sure how much help it can be, but it has a few general things and a punishment list that I think almost every character can take at least a few things from. Amy...
  14. pixel09

    Hori Stick Blues

    I usually play with it in my lap or on the floor. I very rarely have a table on hand to use. You want to keep a rather open hand on the stick to not limit your movement, using the top of your palm and your fingers for movement. Look up various youtube videos for reference. I've played pad and...
  15. pixel09

    1.03 Tier List Discussion (aka Argument)

    The change in Tira's stances isn't always so clear. I've had the yellow/purple effect not show several times. It hasn't cost me a match, but it can throw you off for a second. If you're in a loud environment where you can't hear her voice change and she doesn't do the change effect, it can be...
  16. pixel09

    Tira v1.03 Patch Changes

    Patch Changes JS 66AA only rings out at the very edge now. Any further and the opponent curves around the edge as if they had nulify ring out.
  17. pixel09

    Tira's Soul Crush Stats

    Forgot to mention. 3A, One of my favorite SC moves went from x13 to x36. JS 3K at x14 kinda takes the place of it, but it isn't in both JS and GS. Edit: Oh, and JS 66AA went from x12 to x64.
  18. pixel09

    [Atlanta, GA] Who really lives in ATL anyway?

    For those looking for a few casuals, right now our only real meeting place up here is the arcade. I bring my PS3 and a player brings a TV, we hook it up and play some. The arcade managers are ok with it, but I think we'll start charging a small all day price just to keep our beloved arcade...
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    1.03 Tier List Discussion (aka Argument)

    So it's pretty well understood about who is tops, now who's on the bottom? I vote Tira, Talim and Rock as the bottom three.
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    [Tennessee] Obligatory Title

    [Nashville, TN] Where my Hillbillys at? I'm not in TN, but I'm almost on the line between GA and TN (30 minutes to Chatt, TN from my house). Our only real meeting place down here is the arcade. I bring my PS3 and a player brings a TV, we hook it up and play some. The arcade managers are ok...