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  1. JetSetDizzy

    DARK SOULS 2- Praise the sun

    Up until yesterday, all we knew about Dark Souls 2 came from a spooky trailer and an empty website. Now, thanks to a special on IGN, we’ve been given a glimpse at some gameplay and a short interview with the director, both of which can be found here. Destructoid also reported on a roundtable...
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    Mercenary Kings

    Kickstarter page: Just caught wind of this game a few days ago but it looks amazing! From the team that made Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game. It's like a MetalSlug/Contra/Castlevania type game. I'm really excited for it and...
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  4. JetSetDizzy

    Tira vs Maxi

    Anybody have any tips vs Maxi? I just get my guard gauge raped and I can't figure out how to punish him or even gain momentum outside of the occasional gloomy B+K.
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    This add is too funny. What in the what?
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    Left 4 Dead

    Demo out at the end of the month. Posters Pray Harder...
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    EVO apears to be not banning Algol

    EVO is not banning Algol BTW: