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  1. Aanlaien

    Do Created Characters have issues with performance?

    I'm getting mixed signals. Some people are saying: "Avoid at all costs. It screws up the hitbox." "No, it doesn't really matter. You'll either hit them or you won't." "Best to just color the already made characters." I want to create a character based on my avatar, but after hearing that...
  2. Aanlaien

    Dealing with rushing?

    Mitsurugi has some fast moves, but I tend to get obliterated when I get rushed. No matter which move I use, no matter how fast it may be, tends to get me right back to where I started. Any tips on dealing with rushers?
  3. Aanlaien

    A few questions about Soul Calibur V

    Hi I'm brand spanking new to this forum, so I'm still figuring out how things work. I'm somewhat new to the game. This game brings out a strong passion within me and I want to make this game a hobby of mine. I am hoping a seasoned SC gamer can help me. Here are my questions. 1. Who is a good...