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    High tier shit character

    If you are so bad that you need to pick a high tier character lika mina to compensate for shit you are just quit the game...
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    Taki's Critical Edge can be punished by entering soul charge.

    Entering soul charge after taki's critical edge flash will cause you to avoid it. I tried this vs 10 different character and they all got significantly bigger windows to punish Taki on compared to just blocking Taki's critical edge. I also tried avoiding the same 10 characters critical edges by...
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    Adding people as friends on steam

    If you are having problems finding people that you have played VS on steam and want to add them as your friends you can go to (ingame) network > replays > battlelog >The game where you faced this person > view this person license > Sub menu (press x on box pad) and then click on profile and you...
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    Remove 1 character from the game!

    If you coud choise one character that woud be removed from sc4 who woud you chose?