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  1. SenoritaMama

    Playing games this Pandemic

    "Many parents complain that their teenage children spend too much time playing video games. But it seems the pastime is the best strategy to survive a prolonged coronavirus lockdown. That’s because gaming – like running – is an immersive activity that helps people focus their energy by...
  2. SenoritaMama

    Good Video Editing App for Android phones

    Hey guys, does anyone know of a good video editing app (for android phones) that doesn't require an annual subscription? Any suggestions will be really appreciated, thanks!
  3. SenoritaMama

    Challenges of joining SC Tourneys

    What are the challenges you have encountered when joining SC tournaments? And how did you overcome it? Share it here! :sc1xia1:
  4. SenoritaMama

    Spring season

    We all need a breath of fresh air and this season is a perfect time to enjoy nature as it is. Anyone here plans to travel and enjoy nature this time of year? I'm sure there are many ways to avoid crowded places even in this season! :)
  5. SenoritaMama

    Do you fully recover from stress/anxiety?

    I left a high-pressure job due to stress and anxiety a couple of years ago. I am now working happily in less stress filled role at another company. Recently I was offered a better-paid job but one that has the potential to be fairly full-on. These days I am feeling great but I don’t know if I am...
  6. SenoritaMama

    A gift to yourself this Christmas

    After all the anxiety and loneliness that we've experienced because of this pandemic, and I know some of us will not be with our family this Christmas as they may be doing their own isolation especially the vulnerable ones and that's including mine. Just wondering how are you gonna make your...
  7. SenoritaMama

    How things are going in your area?

    It has been months that we are experiencing this Covid-19 pandemic. And it is has been really tough in all aspects. Several cities around the globe especially in the US have been implementing another lockdown again due to high cases of Covid-19 infections surging every day. Our city has since...
  8. SenoritaMama

    How are you coping with the pandemic?

    Hey, just wanted to check in with everyone and see how they're coping with the coronavirus pandemic? How is it affecting you? Has anyone lost their jobs because of it? Does anyone think they've caught it? Personally, I'm doing ok. We're still on lock-down in the Philippines and the school has...
  9. SenoritaMama

    PS Exclusive games: which game you wait the most?

    Hello! I'm a PS fan and I just can't wait to play Outriders, I've already pre-ordered but this aside. Do you have other upcoming exclusive PS4/5 games that you patiently wait for? I'm all ears!