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  1. greendusk

    Amy Combos

    can't wait to see what she can do
  2. greendusk

    Viola : Current Issues, and what needs to be fixed.

    Death on a stick
  3. greendusk

    Working on getting better.

    Working on getting better.
  4. greendusk

    Decopon & Shen Chan Interviews By Slasher

    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. Tiers matter but knowing is half the battle.
  5. greendusk

    Kiss Of Death (A Viola Combo Video)

    Any one of a vid of someone getting this off in a real match.
  6. greendusk

    Don't know if I should keep playing Viola as my main or move on.

    Don't know if I should keep playing Viola as my main or move on.
  7. greendusk

    The Athiest Thread

    I am an atheist my rule is "live and let live but keep your cookies safe someone else is always trying to get them"
  8. greendusk

    Viola Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    Very nice.
  9. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    Who do we say something to to get it sticked
  10. greendusk

    Viola General Matchup Discussion

    Yeah, most of the time I find that the person does not know anything but AAB and 2 a+b. Luck may be on my side and I may just be fighting sigs with a bad mix up game. I feel like i have not been able to do any combos online since the update. when do 3b aab 2 a+b 2 b+k BE I wiff the BE or...
  11. greendusk

    Viola General Matchup Discussion

    With Sieg and Asta I tend to see what is coming. I have played a lot of them. For Asta I like to wait for the throw. Most people i have played get hungry for a throw when they us him and step in to mid range after they have pushed me to far for me to do anything. With Sieg If they are not...
  12. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    What is that That combo you get off the 7A+B A+B+K is awesome
  13. greendusk

    Viola General Discussion / Q&A

    I have see a lot of 98% rage quiting. I know if I hit (SET) 88B (BE) 2 B+K (BE) AAB 9K 2 B + K (BE) B+K 2 A+K it is like I just did the combo to their router. I am ok with Sig but Nightmare seems to eat my cookie every time if the person knows what they are doing.
  14. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    While playing around with it I got it to work 3 times. The Orb most be on the floor. When the 236236ABK hits the orb should be at their back heel(the foot that is far from you). If not you'll pop them up and they will get sucked back in. So best is to hit with the 8A+B 236236A+B+K (step...
  15. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    I am going to have to try this out
  16. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    This is me trying to use more bar. I need to work on keeping the heat on them.
  17. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    Ok, this is about 5 hours old sadly I have improved since this. Hit with your tips. I am failing at keeping the heat on people.
  18. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    I have a friend that is really sick with Nightmare. I will record some fights and upload them
  19. greendusk

    Viola Video Discussion

    I can say that in most of my online fights I lose one round to a crush. With Xiba and Nightmare I tend to sidestep and duck.
  20. greendusk

    Valentine's Day DLC

    Yeah, some of the things I hate that they took out like the dual color hair. Like the mohawk. I may have to hold on this DLC. Hoping for good Holiday and Halloween stuff.