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  1. SSfox

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    So i though we need one thread, where we can chat anything SC6 (or just SC i general) That way we can keep the News thread mainly for News, here we can talk anything related to the game. So i'll start, since there are chances that Kilik could be the next reveal, and even though there are...
  2. SSfox

    If Soul Calibur 6 would have 32 Characters roster, what would be your pick?

    Hi everyone, Let's suppose that you're the director of Soul Calibur 6, and Bandai Namco gave told and gave you the budget and time to create 32 characters for the Newest Soul Calibur Canon game, 24 are gonna be for the base game, and 8 for Post Launch, what would be your choice? Here's...
  3. SSfox

    Which Version of Raphael is your favorite? (Human or Vampire)

    Hi Guys, So i was wondering, which version of Raphael do you prefer? the version when he's Human (Soul Calibur 2) or do you prefer more his Vampire version? Personally i prefer his Human form way better, i think he was more charismatic in Soul Calibur 2 than any of the other Soul Calibur Game.