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  1. dittO

    [Greece] - Greekdojo Arena Offline Casuals & Tourneys

    Community (also streaming): Live stream: Youtube: Streaming live almost daily. Check out the stream later tonight for casuals.
  2. dittO

    ZWEI Guard Break and Meter Usage

    Z.W.E.I. Guard Burst (Last update by dittO on February 15th 2012) # Number represents how many times a certain move must be blocked by the opponent, in order to cause a Guard Burst. # 05: 44_11_77B # 06: 4(A+B) # 07: 1(B)K, 4A+B, 66A+B, 33_99BBE # 08: 66BA, 66B+K, KF B # 09: 1(B)...
  3. dittO

    Z.W.E.I. Patch/Wishlist

    The purpose of this thread is to highlight some issues/problems this character has. If by any chance a future patch is released for this game regarding balancing issues, then I believe gathering as much info as we can in one thread, may be useful for the developers to rebalance this character in...
  4. dittO

    Soul Calibur V / Fan-made Videos

    Didn't know where to post this (move If needed :p) The title says it all. Create/Edit your "own" videos and share here. To make a start: (Yeah, I know, I just made a music-over over the first trailer...;D. Next time it will be something more creative...
  5. dittO

    Just how strong is Nightmare really?

    Ok, first of all, this is NOT a bitching thread. I'm just curious about the community's thoughts about Nightmare. Also, one of the reasons I made this thread, is because I have the feeling (also having seen some "tier-lists" here and there) that most people rank NM, AT BEST as a mid-tier...
  6. dittO

    Utilizing The Unblockables

    In SC4, as most people have noticed, Ivy's UB game has its uses (more than most other characters at least). So I think, this deserves a seperate thread for this gameplay aspect. Here you can share your UB tactics, as well as, find uses (If you haven't already) for Ivy's UB game. Causing fear...
  7. dittO

    Ivy Auto-GIs

    In this thread you can find a list of all Ivy's moves that have auto-GI properties: CL 1A Moves that can auto-GI: - All Lows auto-GI Activation Window: From (?) frame WP A+B Moves that can auto-GI: - All Horizontals auto-GI Activation Window: About ~5th to ~10th frame (Credits to...
  8. dittO

    Whip State Tips

    Just a similar thread (like the one for SW) but for Whip State. WP 3[B] Well, I guess we all love the frame trap of this move and the mix-ups into SE. Not to mention oki. Definitely one the "musts" in WP. WP 3A Bread and butter for sidestep catching. Of course knowing its maximum range, works...