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  1. Ian

    SCIV ISO Mods?

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon this old video and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light as to how this was done: To my understanding, you would need to extract the model data from SCV and I'm assuming do some stuff to it in a hex editor, and then rename/replace current existing...
  2. Ian

    Missing Dampierre DLC (Free from Pre-purchase)

    I had to format my PS3 because reasons and I backed up all of my save data, however I go to play SCV and it tells me that I'm unable to use my save data because "something something relies on DLC, go download it from the store". So I go to my account downloads section an download all available...
  3. Ian

    I have roughly 20% win rate in player matches, I'm looking to get better.

    I've been an avid soul calibur fan since soul calibur 1 on the dreamcast, but I've never gotten -really- good at it. In SCV, I have roughly 120 hour played, and I only have about 20% win rate. What are your suggestions? I'm not looking for specific easy win characters like Natsu or Astaroth who...
  4. Ian

    [Insert Clever Title Here]

    I am not a clever man. Anyway, I like to use the CaS system, as do many of you. I like to make mainly Final Fantasy characters, along with some originals. No further explanation is needed, I suppose. (I feel like Wakka turned out the best, as far as CaS limitations go, I feel like I did...
  5. Ian

    The Custom Tira Thread

    As the title states, post your Tira customs!
  6. Ian

    A request?

    Am I allowed to request here? I can't seem to recreate this costume for Tira (the middle one). Id love to see you all's recreations of it, if you have any.
  7. Ian

    Bonus Characters?

    Has Daishi or anyone made any statements regarding Bonus Characters? I truly loved the sheer amount of them in Soul Calibur III.
  8. Ian

    Is there anyhwere I can read the whole story for the whole soul series?

    As the title states, Is there anyhwere I can read the whole story for the whole soul series? I never really followed the story, but I've got time to kill and I'd like to read the stories in chronological order, is there anywhere I can do that?
  9. Ian

    A Trend I've Noticed

    I've been noticing a trend online lately. People have been making CaS's with either or all of the following criteria: -Max saturated colors -Monochromatic colors -No variant in shade or brightness of color I'm not trying to change anyone's ways or put anyone down, if you like that sort of...
  10. Ian

    Is it possible to have all 3 guest characters on one game?

    Weather it is the Xbox verison, PS2 version, or Gamecube version, it doesn't matter to me. If it is possible please let me know, I want to get into modding for SC II or SC III.
  11. Ian

    Need help obtaining Link's files from SCII for use.

    I'm attempting to obtain all of Link's files from Soul Calibur II for an attempt to add him into Soul Calibur III. If there is some way to extract the data from the .gcm/.iso of Soul Calibur II on Gamecube, please let me know. I already tried renaming the .gcm into .iso in order to open it in...