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  1. Psylocide

    Turn on the troll buster

    There was a forum who had many sons. Psylocide said to 8Wayrun, '8Way, give me my share of the estate.' So 8way divided its property between them. Not long after that, Psylocide got together all he had, set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. After he...
  2. Psylocide

    When did you realize?

    DISCLAIMER: This thread is inspired by a Javachat discussion, and thought it would be very interesting to get a understanding of when people generally experience this feeling. Anyone who has come to this TRUE REALIZATION, and sits to think about it knows that it is a mind blowing experience...
  3. Psylocide

    This pop-up is ridiculous

    Please remove this from the site, it is malicious and very annoying. Causes IE to lock up completely (even with pop-up blocker) and runs a fake virus scan full screen. Please get rid of this shit. Do not clicky...
  4. Psylocide


    Pretty simple... How did you choose your Username for I use Psylocide for everything. (except COD:MW, where I am known simply as -.-) It is a mash-up of Psilocybin, found in hallucinogenic mushrooms and the latin suffix "-cide" which is roughly translated as "to cut down."...
  5. Psylocide

    Moral of the story...

    Don't fuck with this guys PS3. EDIT: This particular article didn't have it, but a few weeks ago his Playstation was stolen as well. John Hopkins student slays intruder with samurai sword
  6. Psylocide

    YESSSS!!!! Jurassic Park baby!

    Bring 'em on back!!! So, I was watching the Today show... today... And they are disucussing the possibility of moving forward with a project that would bring back Wooly Mammoths and Saber-tooth tigers. Perhaps even, dinosaurs. EDIT: Cant link the vid, but scroll down a little... it is...
  7. Psylocide

    District 9

    Releases today in my city... and looks pretty damn sweet. Has anyone seen it? Is anyone hype for this flick? I really like the plot idea of District 9, and I hope they pull it off correctly. I'm looking forward to it. Thoughts?
  8. Psylocide

    The Fart Etiquette Thread

    Alright... it's time for a mature discussion about something we all love to do. The question is, when is the right time to play a juicy note on the butt harp? We live in a world that is always changing; surroundings, peers, significant others, workplaces, and so on. When can we let loose...
  9. Psylocide

    Prototype vs. Infamous

    Well guys, time to bust out the cash and buy a new game, and the thread title is kinda self explanatory. I really want another open world action game. (i almost killed myself after buying GTA4 garbage) I have played the Demo for Infamous, and i have to say it's a pretty good time...
  10. Psylocide

    Trying to incorporate 11A[A]

    Hey all, fairly simple... i'm trying to incorporate 11A[A] into my game plan. I know it's pretty nasty... i27 and like -17 on block. Do any of you use this at all? I just love the animation and i don't see a whole lot of people pulling it out.
  11. Psylocide

    Drinking Games

    Hey all... I would like to see what drinking games everyone likes to play, and see how popular some are across the nation. Go ahead a post a short summary of the game so everyone knows what you are talking about.(Sometimes one game can be called 300 different things.) I'll start with one, and...
  12. Psylocide

    Any other Hobbies?

    So, I thought it would be cool to see what everyone likes to do, besides playing video games... Maybe you'll have something in common with someone you didn't know about. I have a lot of other hobbies, I love to cook/grill, I bike about 20 miles a day, and camping is about the best thing out...
  13. Psylocide

    War Gods, a weird love affair

    So... Who remembers this game for N64? I remembered this 3D fighter as being absolutley amazing when i was younger, i think it was released in 97/98. And it kept on popping into my head like once a month, so i decided to go down to the local Last Stop CD shop and i picked up an N64 and this...
  14. Psylocide

    Top 3 Games you're looking forward to

    Simple enough... doesn't matter what platform or how far out. Just list the top three and maybe a reason why you are getting hyped about these. 3. Dragon Age: Origins, Just a sweet looking RPG that i could see myself losing days at a time on. 2. Starcraft 2, What can i say about...
  15. Psylocide

    Are chia pets Racist?

    Apparently people are freaking out about this one... Is it really racist to think this is funny? I don't think so but this is the direction our country is headed. <--- Sweet play on words! Get IT!??!11
  16. Psylocide

    After GI... What?

    Hey all, As most of you know I am still learning this game and i have alot of questions. I have read a lot of the threads out there, but i'm still trying to grasp some of the concepts. I've been practicing GI's and have even gotten a quite a few JI's in offline versus. My question is...
  17. Psylocide

    [South Dakota] Extreme long shot.

    Hey all, i know this is a long shot but are there any SC4 players here in SD? You know all there is to do here is drink, blaze, and game... where you at? :sc4nm1: